GOAL Mini-Meets for 12 & Unders
GOAL Mini meets
What are they: Inter squad meets for 12 & under swimmers. With different themes every meet. Each meet will be about an hour long with prizes, awards and drawings based on the meets theme. 
When: Starting in April, every 4-5, weeks depending on Midwestern meet schedule. 
This is a great time for our less experienced swimmers to learn how a meet runs. It’s always better to compete with a little confidence, this meet aims to build that confidence! With older swimmers being partner coaches for younger swimmers, we will be teaching what all the bells and whistles mean, swimming in front of a crowd, where to go when, all the ins and outs of a meet. 
There will also be opportunities for parents and older swimmers needing volunteer hours. Parents will be able to volunteer for positions in the meet and also get an idea of how a meet is run. We will also have an official from Midwestern swimming present ( most meets) to answer any questions on an officials role at meets. This is a great time to look into becoming an official as well. 
GOAL coaches look forward to seeing you there!
Keep an eye out for the GOAL Mini Meet announcement coming soon.