Gulf Short Course Champs 3 Recap

The Results are in!

SHAC Grabs 3rd at the Gulf Short Course Champs.


SHAC continued it tremendous team performances at the Champs meets taking 3rd place overall. The team was lead by high point winners Martina Fuentes, and Michael Bell in the 15-18 year old division. The Team put on a riveting display as team members battled for best times and awed the crowed inspiring swims in the finals. There were major contributions by every swimmer both men and women in every age group,  aside from the team place there were 122 best times!


You knew that there would be fireworks at the meet if you watched these swimmers go through the paces in practice. They are tough and fast every day!


Let's get started!!


  • Michael Bell was fired up the entire meet and it showed with victories 400 IM, 50 breast, 200 free 200 IM, as well as 100% best times. Those performances earned him the high point trophy!
  • Martina Fuentes crushed both IMs in winning times and took the high point trophy home! She's been under the weather but was pushed to a top 3 finish in every event. She wants to improve her dolphin kick! Watch out!!
  • Charlie Brennig was selfish stealing victories in the 500, 1000, 1650 events! 4 best times, His 1650 qualified him for the Summer Senior Champs - he's a machine!!
  • Matthew Brooks nailed 5 best times and trampled the 1000, his first ever, he had 10 sec drops in both 200 IM, 200 breast - way to go
  • John Michael Burger was shot out of a cannon with 4 best times winning the 200 fly and grabbing 2nd in the 1650 with a 30 seconds drop. SHAC  gave the mile a 1 - 2 punch!
  • Karen Li did her best Yuliya Efimova imitation winning both 100 & 200 breaststroke, and the 200 fly. She captured  2nd in the 400 IM, on the way to 4 best times
  • Briana Cardenas scorched the scoreboard with 4 best times and placing in the 400 IM 50 back 200&100 fly
  • Olivia Howard demonstrated her competitive toughness, and had the competition staring at her feet winning both the 500 and 1000 free in best time fashion. She made a big donation  to the team point total in the 50 and 200 free
  • Kelsey Farmer always a determined tough competitor placed in 6 events,  hitting 100%  best times! She was 4th in the 200 back, 5th in the 1000 free, and the in the 100 back
  • Ryan Tran was dangerous placing in the 100 and 200 breast, but hit a best time in the 200 fly.
  • Gianna Vanderford was a blast to watch as she went bananas in the 200 breast, 100 breast and 200 fly, and assisted with big time points in 4 events.
  • Haley Finley was a speed demon snagging 2nd in the 50 and 100 free and adding another best time in the 100 back
  • Alyssa Freimanis churned up the waters demonstrating her versatility and speed placing in 5 events - the 200 & 400 IMs, 200 fly, 200 and 100 breast. She added another best time in the 100 fly
  • Cade Hoffman was psyched up the entire meet hit with 7 best times and major drops in the 100 free, fly and 500 free. Cade scoring in 3 events. His attitude is contagious!
  • Jaelyn Hardy has improved her kicking, turns, and effort.  She was remarkable placing in 4 events  - 50 free, 200 back, 500 free & 100 back, and sizzled to 5 best times.
  • Lillian Howard was colossal racking up team points in the 400 IM, 100 breast. She also surged  to 3 new best times!
  • Samuel Wen didn't have a good meet. He had a fabulous meet!! The time drops were incredible in the 500 free, 1000 free (he didn't want to swim it) but grabbed 3rd adding 16 points to the SHAC totals. He was faultless in the best time department in both prelims and finals!
  • Campbell Kurka upped the SHAC total in 3 events with 6 best times and awesome improvements in the 400 IM, 500 free, and 100 back.
  • Whitney Childs was unbelievable with her super underwater kicks that contributed to 5 best times and the victory in the 50 fly!
  • Pearson Kurka racked up points in 3 events along with stunning swims in the 500 free, 200 fly and 100 free
  • Alex Kurie went ballistic in the 100 fly and 200 free. She just missed a best in the 100 free
  • Spencer Oliver did damage in the 13 -14 age group placing in every event with 100% best times. This guy dropped 9 second in the 200 free, and 6 in the 200 back. Leave some for the rest!
  • Thomas Tat made a gigantic statement in the 100 free and had impressive swim in the 200 fly free
  • Tori Livingstone showed her dazzling speed as she sped to best times in the 400 IM, 200 fly, 100free, and 100 fly. She places in 5 events!
  • Olivia Lyons a fixture at SHAC added points in the 200 fly. She showed her toughness in the 100 back and free as well
  • Selena Qiu let her actions speak louder than words as she accelerated to best times in the 100 back, free and, IM. Coaches from other teams were astonished with her underwater pull outs in breast and dolphin kicks in fly back and free.
  • Keith Elgar added points in 3 events speeding to best times in the 200 free super efforts in all events.
  • Preston Tran grabbed massive points for the team in the 200 fly and 100 breast. More important he had great dolphin kicks, in those events and dropped big time - 11 seconds in the 200 free!
  • Torrie Weems equaled her best in both the 100 breast and 50 free, but blasted her best in the 200 free


ShAC Swimmers go Crazy at TIME TRIALS


TAGS is just a few days away and these swimmers wanted add to their totals or just be a part of it. 10&Unders had the 200 FREE Relay but now have added the 400 FREE Relay! and the 200 MEDLEY Relay!


  • Ava Valchar swam her 3rd 500 free in 4 weeks just missing the TAGS cut in each swim. She decided to try another event - the 100 back and crushed it by 1 second.  Add another cut to her list!
  • Holly Finley wasn't satisfied with her TAGS totals so she grabbed another cut in the 100 breast at time trials
  • Tallis Stapleton showed up to the time trial and only dropped 7 SECONDS IN the 100 BACK!!!!!!!
  • Charlee McEvoy sizzled to a best time in 50 back time trial earning a position on the TAGS Relay!
  • Jayde Morgan crushed her 100 free in the time trial punching her ticket to 10&U TAGS Relay
  • Giana Riffel would take no for an answer as she came back on Sunday to grab a TAGS cut in the 100 IM
  • Cadence Johnson dropped 1 sec in time trials which helped get the 10&Under SHAC relays to TAGS!


Practice Like You Want to Compete

Practice is the foundation of success, meaning it’s what you do in practice that determines whether you do or do not do at meets.

To be the best athlete, you must have fun, enjoy, and be serious about your practice habits that impact your performances  -  Meaning - you have to keep getting stronger, have good technique, swim races correct, and have strong positive mind.




The one huge difference between practice and competitions: competitions matter!


There are two important rules in sports:


1st, what you do in competitions, you must first do in practice. If you want to swim fast with great technique, swim smart races, in competitions, you better get those skills down in practice first. The same holds true for every other aspect of your competitive preparations, whether perform physical readiness or mental preparation.


2nd,  what you do in practice is what you will do in a competition. If you practice with great technique, pace correctly, swim fast, with a great mind set, you will likely take those skills to the meet!. On the other hand,  if you practice sloppy technique (not intentionally, of course), are inconsistent with paces and speeds, and don't focus on what you want - that's what you'll take to the meet.


It's your choice, not the coach your parents or friends - it's up to you!




Amateurs practice until they get it right. 

Pros practice until they can’t get it wrong!