GOAL February 2020 Swimmers of the Month
Leopardshark Ledger
Swimmer of the Month-- February
  Penguin: Portia Berheim
Portia enjoys water because she loves being in the water. Her favorite event is the 25 Breastroke because Breastroke is her favorite and she likes how fast it is. Outside of swimming Portia likes to write books about Hatchamole Warriors. Something you may not know about her is that she also plays basketball, but she swims more. Coach Sarah picked Portia as this month's Swimmer because "Portia is tiny, but mighty! She always comes to practice with a smile and fierce determination to improve. She's quick to tell you about her day and show off her newest earrings (Sharks and avocados being the most popular). Portia is a force to be reckoned with and we look forward to her future with GOAL."
Dolphin: Charlie Jones
Charlie enjoys swimming because it’s a good workout for anyone at almost any time and you can also do it for fun with your family. You can swim at any point of the day or night and it’s good for your cpre, arms, and legs. His favorite event is the 100 Breastroke because it’s his favorite stroke and 100s are his favorite distance to swim. Outside of swimming Charlie plays soccer for Papillion Soccer Club and he’s a Boy Scout in Troop 359. He also loves to read, especially The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, and has been writing stories in his spare time. Something you may not know about Charlie is that he recently switched over to a plant-based diet after being inspired by athletes on the documentary “Game Changers”. He also swims for the Papio Dolphins in the summer and last summer he was part of a relay that broke a pool record that was 22 years old! Coach Becky said "Charlie was chosen for swimmer of the month this month because of his hard work towards improving not just his times, but also his technique. Charlie loves to race and to be competitive, especially with his older brother. Watch out for Charlie, he’s that quiet, driven swimmer who will sneak up and touch you out at the wall."
     Shark: Olivia Elbert
Olivia enjoys swimming because it makes her day better and she’s learning how to have a better work ethic through the sport. Her favorite event is the 200 IM because it allows her to stay well rounded. Outside of swimming, Olivia is part of the show choir. Something you may not know about her is that she for the last two years she has been participating in axe throwing. Coach Kody picked Olivia as this month’s Swimmer because "no matter what set she’s given at practice she never complains and always tries her hardest."