Paseo Aquatics March News and Notes


March 2020

Letter from our President, Jay Wolf

The “Tides” of March

We’ve all heard the term, “Beware the Ides of March,” the 15th day of March that, according to Roman history, represented the middle of the month and was marked by religious and superstitious observances. The fact Julius Caesar met his fate on that day didn’t help eliminate the doom and gloom surrounding its bad luck connotations. But many historians also saw it as the turning point of Western Civilization.

For Paseo Aquatics, March has proven to be a month representing good fortune and positivity, highlighted by Championship meets and opportunities. As a swim parent—I also found March to be a turning point in the swim year—a midway mark that, like the tide, reflects the ebb and flow of a long season filled with highs and lows.

Having watched my daughter train and compete for the past 12 years, as recently as a week ago when she raced for the University of Alabama at the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Swimming Championships, I was reminded just how lengthy the swim year can feel. Tapered or not, by March our athletes have endured 6 months of grueling practice sets, monthly meets, for some the start of High School swim—and the transition to a daunting Long Course season yet to begin. Throw in Daylight Savings Time on March 8th along with the Spring Solstice on March 19th and it’s a lot to absorb.

It’s for all these reasons I’ve reserved March as a period of reflection. A month to pause and consider all that your child has accomplished thus far—and goals they have yet to achieve. It’s also a golden opportunity to hit the proverbial “re-set” button, and prepare both you AND your swimmer for a strong finish to the swim year.

History may paint a bleak picture of March. For Paseo Aquatics swimmers and families—it’s blue skies and bright days ahead.


Jay Wolf


Paseo Aquatics


With the Cold/Flu Season well underway and recent Coronavirus news we are enforcing a STRICT policy on coming to practice/meets IF your swimmer has or is exhibiting symptoms such as:





Runny Nose

Do NOT allow your swimmer to go to practice and/or meets.  If any coaches notice ANY of the symptoms above, they will immediately send the swimmer home.  The pool deck/locker rooms, and carpools are breeding grounds for exposure.  One swimmer, could impede the progress and health of another 10-20 swimmers and so on.  Let’s be considerate of our teammates/coaches/families and keep our Paseo Aquatics swimmers and families as healthy as possible.



For all Paseo families and swimmers that practice/compete at the Castaic Aquatics Complex…please note that ONLY females (swimmers, parents, etc.) may use the south/Women’s entrance and exit hallway and ONLY males (swimmers, parents, etc.) may use the north/Men’s entrance and exit hallway to and from the pool.  Please respect these important Castiac guidelines and SafeSport protections for our athletes.


2020 Swim-A-Thon, Saturday, April 18th @ 9am

Castaic Aquatics Complex

After recently reaching our Level 3 tier with USA Swimming, we couldn't be happier with the amazing Paseo swimmers and families that have helped us along the way and we are so grateful for your support!  Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 to cover the expenses of our Level 3 club.  This helps us secure great coaches for our swimmers as well as buy about 10 more Paseo Canopies as well as backstroke wedges, and help fund the yearly budgets for areas such as equipment that assists us in coaching, coach education, team travel and hosting great meets for our swimmers, families and the overall swimming community in Southern California.

Also, at this year's swim-a-thon, we are going to shake things up. We will have fun relay races (older and younger kids), games, prizes and of course the coveted "Coaches Pie in the Face" event!

As always, there will be awards to our contributors and we look forward to another super fund-raiser for Paseo Aquatics!

Please come together to help us reach our goal this year.  We are 1/3 of the way there!  Our effort is endless to this team from each and every coach. Let’s continue to collectively build for a greater future.

In addition, Off the Block Swim Company (founded by our own, Helena Salvino) and Swim Works will be on deck that day. Families will be able to order personalized caps and get fitted for team warm-ups and swim suits as well.

Monthly Milestones

Discovery, Juniors 1 & 2:

Paseo Discovery and Jr-1,  along with a few new Jr-2 athletes did amazing at Daland last Sat.  As a team, they placed 2nd out of 3 at this Tri-meet.   Daland was 1st with 1239 points, 2nd PATH with 703, and 3rd Ojai Waves with 303.     Congratulations to these swimmers who improved and placed at the meet. All mixed events, boys & girls combined.  

Karina & Tori Ramirez, Peyton & Kendall Cuomo, Hailey & Lily Hurtado, Lewis & Mathew Burns, Hannah Wachtel, Daniel & Ryan Funicello, Isabella Minger, Holly Labrador, Landon O'Kane, Anderson Waymire.

Congratulations to all of the kids who attended our new Novice league Tri-meet.  We will be doing many more of these meets in the future including a Championship meet TBD.  I want us to go and win this meet. 

Go Paseo new athletes!  A HUGE thank you to Coach Damien for a job well done. 

At the exciting Coastal Comm. Championships, we had for the first time, a group of swimmers from Jr-2 qualified for this meet.  I am so proud of how well they did at such a higher level of competition.  Congratulations to:

Jack Elliot, Sadie Harris, Adam Heiney, Phoebe & Jacob Tsao, & Sean Saifi.  What a great time we had in Lompoc, with the hotel door decorating late at night on Friday :-) and the awesome Pizza party on the last day.  But most of all, coming home as the Coastal Comm. Champions,  Awesome Job!

Finally, as for the swimmers at PVST,  what an amazing meet they had!  Every athlete improved on 1 or more of their events and they all placed in a race.  From Theo Go to Jake Lareochelle, across all of our age groups. For the J.r team, another major milestone.  Jack Elliot Qualified for JAG's in 4 events, and Summer JO's as well!  5-10 Boys 100 Bk 1.23.47, 100 Br 1.34.53, 50 Br .43.34, 50 Fly .36.39.  GREAT JOB Jack!  * JR-2's First JAG & JO Qualifier. 

More swimmers with an exceptional meet…Tobin Carpenter 11-12 Boys, who Placed in every event he swam,  this being only his second meet ever, qualifying in every event for next year’s Coastal Championships!  We also got to see Samantha Oakley, Addie Seegmiller, Brianna Shannon, who got 3 1st place finishes and 1 4th place. Lily Shepard, Sean Saifi, Phoebe & Jacob Tsao, Noelle Lee, Jake Larochelle, Adam Heiney, Sadie Harris, Abbie Green, Jack Elliot, Boogie Checketts, Taylor Asrilant,

From JR-1,  Theo Go, Serenity Bartlett, Lana Sutinatikul. Every swimmer improved in most of their events.  All of our Jr. team kids had an amazing weekend.  The entire coaching staff could not be more excited to watch these kids grow into tremendous competitors, and fine young role- models.  

As for the rest of our Jr. Program we are picking up kids almost every week.  We now have a total of 70 Swimmers in the water.  This is by far the largest group of younger athletes in the 8 year history of Paseo Aquatics.  I could not be more proud.  – Coach Jimmy Owens



“Wow, just wow! What an incredible month and PVST meet. The Advanced studs have been killing it at practice and really working hard, and there’s no doubt that you can see that. 

Hunter Habeger really went crazy at this PVST with his stellar performance in his first 500 ever where he went in super nervous, but came out with a 5:54 and a really solid pace throughout. He also split his best 50 free time and his best 100 free time in his 200 freestyle (where he dropped 11 seconds) which is incredible! He tackled both the 100 back and fly for the first time on the same day and crushed it. Great work dude, your hard work has paid off! 

Payton Bartlett has stepped up in practice, and it showed in all his races, especially when he knocked 2.13 seconds off and got his Spring JO cut in his 50 fly. He also dropped over a second in his 100 back. Keep up the hard work, and you’ll go far Payton! 

Josiah Lee has been pushing himself too and ended up knocking 10 seconds off his 200IM, 5 seconds off his 50 fly, 2.3 off his 100 free, and over half a second off his 50 back all in the same day! What a great day at PVST! 

Zachary Kuhn and I have been working on his butterfly and he ended up knocking off 8.6 seconds off his 100 fly, and ~1.5 on his 50 breast! 

Jon Marshall has a great first meet with Paseo and I’m really impressed! He knocked 11.5 seconds off his fly, 4.2 off his 100 free, 2.3 off his 50 breast, and 8.6 off his 100 back! So great to see you working hard and doing well Jon! 

Kaya dropped over 5 and a half seconds on her 200 IM l, which is insane! 

Jeanna dropped 2.4 off her 100 freestyle to go a 1:03.1 at 10 years old! She also dropped about a half second on her 100breast and finally broke that 1:21 barrier she kept hitting. 

Her brother Josiah dropped 1.1 off his 100 breast and some more off his 50, and is ready to bring the heat at Spring JOs! 

Finally Allie Lohmann has dropped over 6 seconds in her 100 back at Coastal Championships, but decided that wasn’t enough and knocked another 1.3 to get both her Summer JO and JAG cuts! She dropped almost 2 seconds off her 50 fly, 6.3 off her 200 free, and .7 off her 50 free! 

Words alone can’t express how happy I am with how all of advanced group swam this past weekend at PVST! Y’all are awesome and keep up the great work. I had to write the essay I did because they just way over exceeded my expectations!”  - Coach Garrett McQueen



February was an amazing month for the Bronze group! Coastal Champs went off with a boom, adding multiple swimmers to the rosters for JAGs, Summer JOs, and Spring Jos! The first championship meet qualifier of the meet was Justin Hamilton who hammered through the 500 freestyle with a 23 second drop getting both a JAG and Summer JO qualifying time. Hamilton then returned on Saturday to get another JAG and Summer JO time in the 50 back with a 1.5 second drop. Later on, during the 100 breast, Nicole Haddad snagged a JAG qualifying time with a .5 second drop, narrowly missing a Summer JO cut. Not long after, Tyler Stiles became the next JAG and Summer JO Qualifier with his almost 1 second drop in the 100 breast.  In the 50 fly, Nadine Fernando and Zach Reimbold both made JAG and Summer JO qualifying times in the 50 fly. On Sunday Nadine Fernando returned to swim the 100 fly dropping over 1.5 seconds to get both a Summer JO and JAG time and then crushing the 100 back with a 2 second drop and a Spring JO cut. In the 50 breast both Nicole Haddad and Tyler Stiles around .5 seconds to obtain their JAG times. Every swimmer did awesome at this meet and we had multiple swimmers come very close to qualifying times for JAGs with Bronze Group ultimately scoring a total of around 200 points!

After Coastals, we had about 2 weeks to prepare for the next meet, the PVST Leap Day Meet, in which we added yet another JAG qualifier to the roster. Tori Yamamura blasted through her 50 fly dropping .45 and crushing her heat to get her a qualifying time for JAGs. Other amazing swims were seen with Jaquelyn Bezanilla dropping almost 4 seconds in her 100 fly, Bret Bezanilla dropped 35 seconds in his 500 Free, Ellie Brungard dropping 18 seconds in her 500 free, Angie Fontaine dropping 7 seconds in her 100 free, Sebastian Garcia dropping a whopping 1:47 from his previous best and swimming the 400 IM for the first time, Maddie Hurst dropping 3.5 seconds in the 100 back, Lexi Kranian dropping 7 in the 200 IM and 10 in the 200 free, Ryan Lohmann dropping 17 seconds in the 500 free, Zach Reimbold dropping almost 4 seconds in both the 100 and 200 free, and Nicole Sanchez dropping almost 5 seconds in the 100 back.

I am extremely excited to see what Long Course season will bring to our group after an extremely successful Short Course season! – Coash Asia Antoniuk



Silver had an amazing weekend at PVST with swimmers earning their JAG and Summer JO cuts!

Breanne Kirsch got her Summer JO cut in the 200 Breaststroke with a time of 2:42.36.

Ariel Kellum dropped over 20 seconds in the 200 breast stroke with a time of 2:53.64.

Ella Kim earned her JAG and Summer JO cut in the 50 back with a time of 33.38.

Noah Sanchez earned another JAG cut in his 200 free this weekend with a time of 2:01.08!


Sr. 1:  

Great weekend for SR1 with many of our swimmers swimming lifetime bests! These are some of the notable milestones! :)

Alex Bell got her first Sectionals cut in the 100 fly going 58.91. She also got her Spring JOs and Far Western cut in the 200 BR with a time of 2:35.36.

Peyton Morse is joining the JO team earning her first Spring JO and Far Western cut in the 200 fly 2:21.23!

Sebastian Majsa went lifetime bests in his 50 free (23.65), 100 free (53.75) and 200 free (1:58.29).

Ayden Reading also earned his first sectionals cut in 50m free 25.77. He rocked Sectionals with a time a time of 22.27 in 50 free , 2:00.72 in 200 IM and 2:00.90 in 200 back.

Luke Bezanilla fell just shy of his futures cut in the 100 breast stroke with a time of 58.77.  It will come soon we’re sure!

Teia Salvino finished with a pair of silver medals at Sectionals with a time of 23.02 in the 50 free and 50.04 in the 100 free! 

Sydney Zancanaro went 24.28 in the 50 free and is within striking distance of her Futures cut as well! 


As we continue our journey on into Far Westerns and leagues we had two meets this month.  It was fun to watch the kids race LCM at the Senior Q meet. It was a great team travel meet filled with lots of bonding.

Michael Andrizzi, Alyssa Hamilton, Cam Snowden, Michael Lee swam exceptionally well in the 100m fly. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go being that it was LCM.

Other athletes like Brent Lee demonstrated lots of speed. Jacob Aina, David Kugler and Ryan Sevidal put the work into the meet.

At Sectionals, where we just laid off practice a bit for a day, we swam right around the 1-3% of best times. There we’re a few best times like Jedric Minano and Konrad Antoniuk. All in all, it was a solid meet of racing. Looking forward to getting back in the practice pool and pushing towards Far Westerns.



Community Outreach

Our Advanced swimmers and parents came together before practice on February 13th to assemble the 80 lunches that were then delivered to the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter to help nourish those less fortunate than ourselves.  This is a monthly Community Outreach event that Paseo does with different groups of swimmers.  We’re looking forward to working with our Discovery and Juniors 1 & 2 groups on March 19th, PLEASE login into your website and sign up ASAP to bring items for the lunches.  It’s only a few WEEKS AWAY!

Science:  5 Proven Reasons Tracking your Workouts Will Make You Fast

“Excellence is the gradual result of ALWAYS striving to do better.” – Pat Riley


Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. Please click on the below!


“Talent. What is talent? I asked my group the other day. Some of the answers were;

Someone that doesn’t train as hard as another person but they swim faster at meets.

A person that learns things really fast requiring them not to work hard at learning it.

So, then I asked them what does talent look like? And no one really could answer this. Even though their above responses were observable, they could not answer what talent looked like.

I then asked if “Energy” was a talent. I got a 50/50 response. My answer is “Yes” energy is a talent. I asked if they ever heard a sports announcer say “It’s just incredible the amount of energy they bring to the game” and they all agreed that yes, they have heard things along that line. So, I paraphrased the above announcers sentence — “ ...they bring to the game...” If they are bringing it, then energy is 100% a talent.

What does talent look like? ENERGY. You must bring energy to your training, to your performances. It’s a talent that we all have that is often not used.”  - Head Coach, Chris Dahowski

“Too many swimmers get fixated on chasing cuts and forget that incremental improvements are what swimming is all about.  Incremental improvements through hard training coupled with a positive mindset is what leads to cut times.” – Head Age Group Coach Daiki Sato


March 2020 Swim Meets

SoCal Spring JOs

March 12th-15th, 2020

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

360 N. Arroyo Blvd.

Pasadena, CA

Groups: Age 14 and Under for all that qualify


BUENA Long Course Opener

March 21st – March 22nd, 2020

Ventura Community Park Aquatics Center

901 S. Kimball Rd.                 

Ventura, CA

Groups: All Groups – check with your coaches if you’re supposed to attend


Pacific Swimming SCY Far Western Championships

April 2nd – 5th, 2020

Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center

4455 Black Avenue

Pleasanton, CA

Groups: Qualifying Event


Other Important Dates

Discovery, Juniors 1 & 2 Community Giving – Bridge to Home

Thursday, March 19th @ the BEGINNING of practice.  Please login and sign up to assist with lunch items that the swimmers will be assembling into 75-80 lunches for the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter asap!