Friday Fire!

Welcome back everyone for another season of Waterdevils swimming! 


Splash Week for new swimmers has been great.  There are a lot of new swimmers to the team.  They are talented and will be excited to show you all how well they can do the team cheer!  Be sure to welcome them and their families at the TEAM POOL PARTY this afternoon from 4:00 to 5:15.  We will be getting wet, playing games, and getting pumped for the upcoming first week of practice.  Fortunately, the clouds have come out, because we are going to have plenty of HOT COCOA, and that would have been weird on a sunny day!

Next week, swimmers will show up for their regular practice times.  Check with the coaches tonight if you aren't sure which group you should be swimming in.  For practice you will need:

  • A swim suit. Any racing style suit will do for practice.  Big 5, Costco, Sports Basement, and are good places to find an everyday suit.  T&B will be visiting the pool within the next two weeks for team suit and apparel orders.
  • Goggles.  Low profile, racing/training style goggles are best.
  • A cap, if your hair is long enough to get in your face when you turn your head to breathe.  This will help your technique a lot and also keep you warmer.  Silicone caps tend to be more comfortable and durable than latex ones.
  • A dry towel and clothes.  It may be chilly this coming week.  The pool is a toasty 80 degrees, but make sure you have a towel and clothes to get into after you exit the pool.  We want happy, healthy swimmers!
  • A great attitude!  Swimming is a tough sport and it probably won't feel easy for the first couple of weeks, especially if you haven't done much swimming since last summer.  Don't worry!  Everyone is feeling the same way and we will take it slowly for a while.  Hang in there, and the more times you can come to practice, the more quickly you will feel like your old self in the water!

The offseason has been too long!  Can't wait to see you all at the pool again.  

113 days until Championships!  GO DEVILS!!

Coach Kent, Chris, Barb, and Payton