PST News
  • We are monitoring the situation with the emerging coronavirus and following guidance from our local health department. We will continue to hold practice and other events as scheduled. However, standard measures against the spread of infectious disease are especially important now. These include:


1. Regular hand washing or use of disinfectant hand rubs

2. Avoid touching the eyes or nose

3. Covering your cough (tissue or elbow, not your hand)

4. Use of disposable tissues

5. Staying home when sick!


This Week:

3/13: Bronze practice cancelled. We are short on staff with JO’s and High School meets and have to cancel bronze practice.


3/13-15: 14&U SCY Junior Olympics. Congratulations to our qualifiers: Atlas Metin, Viviane Oesterer, Caleb Singer, Asher Takazawa, Josie Oesterer and Paige Arnold 


Important Dates:

3/25: Annual General Meeting. 7:30-9:00 pm (New TIme)  Mandatory for all parents (No Swimmers) Piedmont Veterans Hall (401 Highland Ave, Piedmont) 


5/16-17: PST Hosted Meet - Soda Aquatic Center, Campolindo High School, Moraga CA


6/30: PST Family Night at the A's Game @ 7:00pm

Please join us for A's Swim Team night at the Oakland Coliseum on Tuesday, June 30th at 7pm.  This is a chance for swimmers of all ages to bond and for parents to get better acquainted. All swimmers should find their own transportation and be accompanied by an adult, as appropriate.  Tickets are $30.60 and include free parking and a swim towel give away. Please RSVP Here.  Looking forward to a fun night! Please indicate how many tickets you want when you RSVP.



2019/20 Meet calendar can be found here.


3/21-22: Hill’s C/B/BB meet-SODA, Moraga. Meet is open on FastSwims. This is a great meet for all ages and levels. Note: All practices cancelled 


IMPORTANT Equipment Care:

If equipment is wet, please do NOT return it to the storage area. 

Canopies need to be opened up and dried completely.  Tarps need to be washed down and dried completely. Please return to storage area only after clean and dry.

Wet buckets need to be separated and stacked like a pyramid so they can dry in the storage unit; the water creates a vacuum seal between buckets and it’s really difficult to separate for the next use!

Please tie 4 bungee cords back on the handle of the canopy bag so they are not misplaced.


Help Us Become a Safe Sport Recognized Club: 

PST is committed to creating an abuse-free, safe, healthy, and positive environment for all of our members. An important feature of this program is that our swimmers (age 12 and older) and parents complete Safe Sport Training for Swimmers and Parents, respectively. The training is about 20 minutes, well done and broadly applicable, even outside of the swimming environment. You can complete the training as a USA Swimming member or nonmember:

(LSC: Pacific Swimming | Swim Club:  Piedmont Swim Team)

Thank you for participating, 

Kate Arnold, PST SafeSport Coordinator



***NEW: Marketplace:

A place to sell, exchange or give away swim items. Email submissions to by Sunday night to be included in weekly newsletter.


Board News:

3/16 Next Board Meeting 7:00pm at the Piedmont Police Station all parents welcome! Any Questions? Please email any of the Board members with questions or concerns. 






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Mary Lins

Vice President


Walter Stokes



Burcin Can Metin



Amy Aubrecht

Meet Director


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Kate Arnold



Alison Montes

Coaches Liaison



Andreas Oesterer

Swim Meet Job Coordinator




Rosie Bell

New Member Liaison



Stefan Bill

Service Hours Coordinator