Regional Meet

I was so proud and happy with the swimmers that were at Regionals over the weekend. We had some AWESOME swims. Most everyone dropped a good amount of time. It was a CRAZY meet but I was glad at how our kids and families presented themselves and swam. 

I heard stories of team bullying and fighting amounst other teams. Trash talking. And so much more. Our families were not involved in the craziness. We had so few disqualfications. Had several fantastic swims with some awesome drops.

Even with the flu hitting the team, as well as several folks not being able to attend, Our tiny team of 13 (and most of them only swam 1 session) swimmers got 7th place scoring 273. 6th place, the Hannibal Hurricanes, had 26 swimmers. 8th place had 24 swimmers. We beat a lot of other teams with much larger teams there.

Contibuting points to the team score last week: Bryton B-76, Graham- 20, Jax- 46, Chloe-33, Claire-29, Will-107, Cordelia-27, Marcus- 12, Kaitlyn-4, Bryton S-5, Natalie-14

 Area Meet

So far, I have cuts for the eligible swimmers of:  Bridget, Jax, and Boone. I have already put them in their events. If they do not plan to swim- please let me know ASAP. Hanna may have cuts from High School meets and I emailed her coach to get those swims. I will be shocked if Heather doesn't get called up for her 200 Breast. These three swimmers get to swim their qualifying event as well as one bonus event. If you get "called up" then you do not get a bonus event.

We have several other swimmers whom are really, really close to being called up for events.(**read below if you don't understand how this works). It is my understanding that call ups will start tomorrow and Wednesday, that I will be notified by email.

We also can send a relay team, even if swimmers don't qualify. I am not planning to send any relay team just because we have struggled to have relays all season. We can not send a mixed gender team, so I don't see how this works well for us this year... NEXT YEAR- I hope to change that!

Call ups mean that if they don't have 24 swimmers with Qualifying times, then they look at the swims from the past season, and they will take the top 24 swimmers in each event.  Distance events, they will call up enough to fill up the heats they have. So if they have 4, they will call up the next 4 for 8. If they have 9 qualifying times, they will call up 7 to fill up 2 full heats of the event.

Practices for the next 2 weeks: 

We will go to 2 practices Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday for the rest of March. Friday will have a 5:30-7:00 practice for all interested. We will have practice next Sunday from 3:00-4:30 for all interested.

The 5:30-6:30 will be designed to review some of the basics and we will have a bit of fun.

The 6:30-8:00 practice will be to prepare kids for the area meet. If you are swimming level 3 and not attending the area meet,  you are welcome to addend this practice as well. We will continue to have a good workout and continued polishing of strokes.