PDST Private lesson program update

Dear PDST members,
As you know the PDST private lesson program is designed to improve swimmers' technology, correct pulling posture, set up the racing strategy, enhance diving&turn, etc.
The program is welcome and well-received since the 2019-2020 season. However, the slots are limited for us and we are expecting more flexible time and locations for the athletes.
Here we go now! A young Junior coach Gracie Wang joins the PDST private lesson program working with the PDST coach group!

Gracie Wang started swimming at PDST in 2009 when PDST was established. She was taught by coach Xu and coach Li. At age 10, she won PNS championships in the 50free and 100free. At age 11, she represented PNS at the Western Zone Championship and got 3rd in the 50back. She was ranked top10 in the 50 back that same year. At age 15, she got a winter junior national cut in the 50 free. She was a captain of Newport high school’s swim and dive team and helped them win three consecutive state championships. She will attend Boston College this coming fall and also swim on their Division 1 swim team. Gracie loves to work with young swimmers and enjoys helping them improve.

Gracie Wang has already got the Junior coach certificate. She is the athlete who perfectly inherited the spirit and training style of coach Xu. She also assisted coach Li and coach John Michael to set up the diving&turn training program since this season. She is good at sprint skills, all kinds of drill exercises, diving&turing improvement. 
On the Private lesson program bar of the PDST website, you can find her available time, training location, and tuition(March schedule is on).

Once you book the slot(weekly or biweekly), you can take it until the end of the season. Please follow all the policies on the private lesson page which are available for all coaches and swimmers.

Please contact coach Leon getting more details through email or WeChat. 

Best Regards,
Coach Leon from PDST