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COVID-19 Action Plan

COVID-19 Update

We want to make sure that your athletes and our team is safe we would like to reiterate our illness policy for workouts and how COVID-19 potentially may affect practices and/or competitions. All of our facilities have cleaning procedures in place that comply with state regulations for responsible sanitary management and as of right now, there are not extrordinary measures in place unless circumstances dictate otherwise. 

  1. We will be reminding athletes to wash their hands thoroughly on a regular basis, as well as to cover any cough or sneeze with the inside of their elbows rather than their hands. And definitely NO SHARING WATER BOTTLES! Coaches will be refraining from high fives, but rather a forearm or fist bump for encouragement!
  2. Coaches will be washing their hands and covering coughs as well as regularly disinfecting common areas like door handles and the like as is possible to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. When coaches are sick, we will be asking them to stay at home, which may result in a smaller staff or different coaches on deck than usual. Encourage your athletes to be open-minded about these new faces.
  3. If your athlete is displaying any of the common symptoms - Fever, Cough, Shortness for Breath - please do NOT send them to practice and consider evaluation by a medical professional as soon as possible. Even if it’s not COVID-19 - it’s part of our recommended procedure for athletes with illnesses.
  4. In the event that a member of your family has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify the coaching staff immediately - as we will need to follow in-house protocols and report that to the facilities your athlete has used in the past two weeks, as well as the training group. In this situation, we will not reveal the identity of the athlete/family affected, but communicate that a diagnosis has occurred and depending on the recommendations of the facility, we may put workouts on hiatus so that athletes can be evaluated for exposure.
  5. In the event that one of our facilities has to close due to COVID-19 diagnosis/exposure, we will not reschedule the workouts at this time, unless that workout is part of the Age Group State, Sectional or Junior National preparations - at which point we will move the workout to another location, if possible. With each scenario, we will default to the school/facility and trust that they are taking every precaution to protect employees, clients, students and teachers. At this point, Loyola is communicating with us regarding their closure as they work to disinfect the school and we will continue to monitor the situation and relocate all Masters workouts to the Northfield campus until April. No age group programming is currently housed at Loyola.
  6. We have opted to close the physical NTA office from now until the 29th, but we are all accessible via email and all coaches will be focusing on timely communication about practice schedules when we return from break and the staff will be regularly checking voice mail during the week.
  7. Age Group State (Elkhart, IN) & Senior Sectionals (Recplex, WI) are on as scheduled. Senior Sectionals is no longer a formal travel trip, and athletes are encouraged to sleep at home, unless a hotel is in the best interest of a busy lineup. Any changes to those meets will be communicated as quickly as possible to the athletes & families attending.
  8. NCSA Junior Nationals (Orlando, FL)- the meet host has issued a statement posted HERE stating that the meet will go on as scheduled, but teams and athletes are asked to make personal decisions regarding travel. As of right now, we are planning on attending as scheduled and I do not see a great reason to alter that plan. Should you opt not to attend, please let the coaches know as soon as possible.
  9. Italy Water Polo Trip - as of right now, we will be on as scheduled for the summer trip to Italy. In the event we opt to cancel the trip, we will be traveling with both men’s and women’s team to California for a training/competitive trip at JO’s. The final decision date is April 17th.
  10. Here are a few links about COVID-19 that can help educate you on the dangers and overall protocol that we’re putting into place.
    1. Talking to Children about COVID-19 - National Association of School Psychologists
    2. CDC Website on Coronavirus

As a reminder, we are on a practice break for our age group programming from March 15-29. We will resume a normal workout schedule on March 30, pending pool availability.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.