YFD 8&Unders Dominate Metropolitan Championship

Over the weekend, YFD 8 & Unders started our Championship Season with a Bang!

With signs screaming encouraging slogans like: “YFD YFD We will overpower thee!” and “Swim Hard, Work Hard, and Rock On!!!!,” the swimmers dressed up as Pokémon characters and truly embodied the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” mindset with each and every race!

Leading up to the meet, AG1 Coaches Rafael, Gio, and Eileen organized a Pokémon Challenge. Representing the three teams of MISTY (Team Eileen), ASH (Team Rafael), and BROCK (Team Gio) the AG1 Group spent the last month competing amongst each other to prepare for 8 & Under Championships.

Challenges included:

  • Most swimmers with legal butterfly;
  • Most swimmers with legal breaststroke;
  • First team to finish 40 x 25 Relay;
  • Most swimmers with 5:00+ plank.

During these challenges, each and every AG1 swimmer contributed to their team through spectacular attendance, positive and supportive attitudes to all teammates, and very best individual effort. We really saw our YFD core values of CHARACTER – COMMUNITY – EXCELLENCE shine bright!

At the end of all of the challenges MISTY, ASH, and BROCK were tied 2 – 2 – 2. The tiebreaker was determined by an exciting 100 Free relay with Team BROCK coming out on top! All of the swimmers celebrated with a Pizza and Poster-making party.

This incredible spirit and momentum set the tone for a thrilling Metro 8 & Under Championship meet! Swimmers brought their unstoppable energy to every individual event and relay. Our cheer section both on deck and in the stands (thank you parents!!) was unmatched.

One of our favorite parts of 8 & Under Championships are the relays! YFD out-raced formidable teams from across the Metropolitan LSC and re-wrote the record book!

The 8-Year-old Girls (Elise Cameron, Sophie Tu, Kathryn Cragg, Cassie Croft) placed 1st in the 100 Medley Relay with a time of 1:15.57 breaking the YFD record, which has held strong since 2010, by over three seconds. 7 & under Boys (Luca Uhlir, Ethan Bensason, Viaan Ramnath, Max Feinstein) placed 1st in the 100 Medley Relay.

The 8 Year old Girls (Kathryn Cragg, Sophie Tu, Ingrid Mealli, Cassie Croft) placed 2nd in the 200 Free Relay with a time of 2:31.27, once again breaking a 2010 record, this time by almost seven seconds! The 7 & Under Boys (Ethan Bensason, Luca Uhlir, Max Feinstein, Viaan Ramnath) placed 3rd in the 200 Free Relay.

The 8-year-old Boys (Atticus Fogarty, Joshua Cho, Luc Pelletier, Jack Feinstein) placed 1st in the 100 Medley Relay and broke a 2013 YFD record with a time of 1:16.29. The 7 & Under Girls (Eliana Grenker, Aerin Healy, Katerina Spartioti, Elizabeth Gehrie) placed 3rd in the 100 Medley Relay. 

The 8-year-old Boys (Atticus Fogarty, Joshua Cho, Luc Pelletier, Jack Feinstein) placed 1st in the 200 Free Relay once again breaking a 2013 YFD record with a time of 2:40.18.

The 8-year-old Girls (Ingrid Mealli, Cassie Croft, Kathryn Cragg, Sophie Tu) placed 2nd and the 7 & Under boys (Luca Uhlir, Viaan Ramnath, Max Feinstein, and Leon Mezey) placed 3rd in the 100 Free Relay.

The 7 & Under Boys (Ethan Bensason, Max Feinstein, Viaan Ramnath, Luca Uhlir) placed 2nd in the 200 Medley Relay a nd with an astonishing swim that smashed a 2010 record by almost 30 seconds, the 8-year-old girls (Elise Cameron, Sophie Tu, Kathryn Cragg, Cassie Croft) placed 2nd with a time of 2:50.27

Individual racing was also absolutely unstoppable – bringing back three bags full of awards, and seeing personal best racing for every single YFD swimmer. Every swimmer was brought home by the most supportive group of teammates on deck!

Atticus Fogarty broke two 2012/2013 YFD records: 25 Fly with a time of :16.54 and 50 Fly with a time of :38.80.

100% Best Times: Christian Loucopoulos, Luc Pelletier, Chloe Rocha, Katie Snyder, and Luca Uhlir.

Almost 100% Best Times: Cassie Croft, Olivia Deitz, CeCe Deutsch, Jack Feinstein, Max Feinstein, Atticus Fogarty (2nd in 25 Fly), Elizabeth Gehrie (2nd in 25 Back, 25 Fly, & 50 Back, 3rd in 50 Free), Elliana Grenker, Alexandra Griswold, Noah Jung, Olivia Kim, Sean Kim, Elias Klein, Ellie Matasar, Viaan Ramnath, Katerina Spartioti, and Sophie Tu (3rd in 25 Breast).

100% Fantastic Swims & Unstoppable Team Spirit: Aerin Healy, Nina Herrick, Felix Kelly, Ingrid Mealli, Leon Mezey, Matteo Miller, Rose South, Leela Vellore, and Elliott Wallis.

Congratulations to all of our amazing 8 & Under swimmers and parents who made the weekend such a spectacular success!