Florida Senior Champs Updates & Info

Senior Champs Info

Hi All,

Tomorrow we are sending around twenty swimmers to the Florida Senior Championships. The event will take place through Sunday night at the Central Florida YMCA facility on I-Drive. Below are some important bits of information as well as some important links.

EXPECTATIONS - SUCCESS! Let’s kill it this weekend. Get in the proper mindset and will yourself to the wall in record time. Think positive thoughts and SEE yourself reaching your goals. Most of all, HAVE FUN! This is why we put in the work all season long. Blue Wave Swag should be worn at all times.

SPECTATOR ACCESS - Adopted by USA-Swimming, Florida Swimming, and YMCA of the USA, MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy) requires policies and standards to be used by athletes, adults, teams and facilities that are involved in the sport of swimming. These changes are mandated by USA-Swimming and the U.S. Center for Safe Sport and is a condition of the sanction of this meet. Facilities with multiple restrooms/locker rooms must designate ONE set of restrooms/locker rooms for athletes under the age of 18 and a SEPARATE restroom/locker room for all meet attendees 18 and older. 

CLOSED DECK - This meet will operate with a closed pool deck per USA Swimming and Safe Sport guidelines. This means only swimmers, coaches, officials and assigned meet volunteers will be allowed inside the designated competition course for any given session. This rule is in place for both the safety of our swimmers and the efficiency of our meet operations.

WARM UPS - The meet letter states that the meet director can assign specific warm up times for teams. I have not received any such information as of this writing, so I am assuming we will have open warm ups. If that changes, I will let you know as soon as possible. Here is when the pool will open for each section.


  • One (1) hour Fifty (50) minutes scheduled warm-up prior to the prelim sessions. 

  • One (1) hour Twenty (20) minutes before each final session. 

  • Pace lanes will be maintained during the 500, 1000, and 1650 races.

I recommend being ready to swim at 3:55pm Thursday if you are swimming in an individual event near the start of the session. Otherwise, come around an hour and a half before the start of your race or relay event (see the timeline below).

For the rest of the weekend’s prelim sessions, we will be at the pool for warm ups at 7:30. This is a championship meet. We do not force everyone to do the same warmup like we would during the regular season. Customize your arrival based on your start time. I like an hour and a half to get ready for the meet. Some people like to do “wake up” swims. If that is you, come at 7:30, swim 800 or so and then go back to the hotel and arrive closer to your race. We are here to support you.

I like to get as much rest before finals as possible. Let’s be behind the blocks, ready to swim, one hour before the start of each finals session.



  • Thursday, March 12 - Timed Finals 5:00 PM 

  • Friday & Saturday, March 13 and March 14 - Prelims 9:00 AM, Finals 5:00 PM 

  • Sunday, March 15 - Prelims 9:00 AM, Finals 4:30 PM

Psych Sheet

Session Timeline

Mark & I are excited. We are expecting great things and are looking forward to celebrating your successes. Get rest, eat properly and be ready to race. Enjoy the ride - Rich