Coronavirus Update FGC Swimming

  To FGC Coaches and Swimming Community-

As the FGC Championship Meets are now upon us, the FGC Board Members have had dialogue over the past 3-4 days on how to handle this very fluid/ever-changing situation.  
Without causing panic, but being logical, thorough and fact-finding, the following is where we are going into this first meet-FGC JO Championships on March 13-15, 2020.  PLEASE realize that we will continue to monitor the situation and update using the resources of the CDC, State of Florida, Florida Department of Health and Broward County.
As of this evening (March 11, 2020), we have not received any overwhelming info that has convinced the FGC Board of Directors to rule against conducting the Championship Meets, as currently scheduled.
We will not please everyone with our decisions.  At this point of time,  we must allow the FGC Coaches, Teams, Parents and Athletes to make decisions that they feel most confident with. And we will support them through those decisions.  *AGAIN, this is subject to change.  What may work this week, may not be the same for next week.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement:
With cases now being reported in the state of Florida, as of Wednesday, March 11th, Florida Gold Coast Swimming WILL continue with the Championships Meets planned-JO Championships (03/13-15/2020); Senior Championships (03/20-22/2020) and the All Stars Meet (03/27-29/2020).
We will continue to monitor the latest news out of the CDC, State of Florida, Florida State Department of Health and Broward County (where the first 2 meets are being held).  We will remain observant to take the appropriate precautions recommended to ensure the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and fans.  
We will provide updates and information to the FGC Swimming Community as it becomes available. 
The CDC "Common Sense" recommends:
*Wash your hands often
*Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
*Avoid touching your face
*Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces often
*STAY HOME if you have a fever or are sick
*Older persons with health issues should NOT attend functions with crowds
With Swim Meets:
*Open air environment healthier than indoor facility
*Chlorine can aid in disinfection
*HYDRATION!  Could prove to be invaluable 
*Limit the time in or the use of the locker rooms/bath rooms
*Utilizing your own team areas
*Social distancing (can still be good sports without the hand shake or hug!)
*Persons under the age of 20 are, so far, the least affected age group to show vulnerability to this virus.  (This is not a promise however!)
Thank you for your continued support of Florida Gold Coast Swimming. 
PLEASE share the above with your own teams-athletes and parents. 
Good Luck, Fast Swims to everyone at Champs!
Jennifer Gibson
Jennifer Gibson
Head Age Group Coach,
Swim Fort Lauderdale
General Chair, FGC Swimming
Board of Directors, USA Swimming 2019-2022