Covid-19 UPDATE 3.16.20 7 AM

Re: Covid-19

3.16.2020 (7:00 AM)
All building use functions of GPPSS facilities by outside groups will be cancelled through April 6.

3.13.2020 (7:00 AM)
Grosse Pointe Schools has informed me that there will be no outside activities which includes PA Swimming through March 20.  Given the Governer's order last night, I expect this to be extended.

USA Swimming:
We also strongly recommend that our Local Swimming Committees (LSC) and clubs suspend all USA Swimming sanctioned competitions across the country for the next 30 days.

3.12.2020 (10:30 AM)
I have a difficult decision to make when thinking and preparing for the future of Pointe Aquatics. It is my responsibility to ensure the club is first and foremost concerned with the safety and well-being of our athletes and coaches.  Below are decisions I’ve made for current meets and practices based on current concerns with the Covid-19 virus.

  • Current Swim Meets
    • 2020 MCSA Guppy Cup: Postponed
      • We have postponed our hosting of the MCSA Guppy Cup intended for this weekend March 14 at GPN.  The new date is TBD.
    • NCSA Meets in Orlando:  As of this morning the NCSA is still intending on hosting both Juniors and Age Group meets.
      • Given the nature of the Covid-19 virus and its current trending pattern, I have decided to not support club travel to Orlando for participation in the NCSA swim meets.  It is not my intent to deny your right to participate, but as a club we cannot support participation.  You have every right as parent to make your own decision that is best for your family.
      • NCSA Juniors:  We will not send a coach to NCSA Juniors.  We are making arrangements for those who still intend on participating to have a coach watch over your events.
        • In light of this decision, if it is your decision to not attend the NCSA Juniors Meet, please let me know ASAP.
      • NCSA Age Group: Kevin has made the difficult decision to attend NCSA Age Group (provided it does not get cancelled).  Therefore, if you decide to participate there will be a Pointe Aquatics Coach on deck.
        • In light of this decision if it is your decision to not attend the NCSA Age Group Meet, please let us know by Sunday evening so we can adjust the entry.
    • Speedo Sectionals: at the time of this note, the event is moving forward as scheduled.  We are currently evaluating our options for this meet.  Since there will not be any air travel we are holding off on any decisions, but will obviously follow any state, local or facility protocols.
  • Future
    • PA Practices will continue to follow state, local and facility protocols as they relate to PA practices.  I am anticipating changes, and we will react and move forward when and if any sanctions are implemented. 

These are difficult times and a time for tough decisions.  Please consider the health and wellbeing of your family above swimming during these times.  There will always be another swim meet.  This is a rare time in our nation where you can possibly recover some of the costs that have already been allocated.  Airlines are offering credits and some hotels are loosening cancelation penalties.  I hope that you can understand these decisions, they did not come easy, but I feel that they are best for the club and our community as a whole. 

Tim DeCoste