Speedo - NCSA Cancelled

Hello All,

The Central Zone and NCSA have made the difficult decision to cancel the Speedo Sectional and Junior National Championships.

I know how much dedication and effort went into the preparation for this by our athletes. My heart goes out to all of them.

While it is a pale comparison to the NCSA or Speedo Championships, we hope to run a Short Course Time Trial in order to give the Speedo & NCSA teams an opportunity to suit up and race within the week.

The NCSA & Speedo teams will continue to practice, rest and prepare for this time trial as if it were a National/Zone level competition. More information to come.

I will share official statement from NCSA when I becomes available. Official statement from Speedo below.

Despite our best efforts to keep the meet going as planned,  Wisconsin Swimming just informed us that they are pulling our sanction for the Central Zone Speedo Meet based on USA Swimming's recommendation to pull all meet sanctions for 30 days,  We are devastated and truly sorry. We tried our best to push through and host this meet because so many people have come from all over the country to compete this weekend. This was not our decision and is out of our control. We will be refunding entry fees for the meet. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.



Brent Boock

Elmbrook Swimming