LSC Swimming Competitions Suspended for next 30 days (April 12).
Over the course of the last seven days, let alone the last 24 hours, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted unprecedented changes within the world of sport. Our leadership team has been meeting daily to discuss the most up-to-date information and the associated effects on our membership. In prioritizing the health and wellness of all our members, as of March 12, USA Swimming has made the decision to suspend all our events, camps, conferences, or any occasion that requires individuals to travel and gather for the next 30 days. We also strongly recommend that our Local Swimming Committees (LSC) and clubs suspend all USA Swimming sanctioned competitions across the country for the next 30 days.
The LSC Executive committee has voted to support the USA-S recommendation. This cancels all events through April 12 ... and longer if the Covid-19 isn't under control (which I doubt will happen). [Exponential Growth and Corona Virus - good video to share with everyone: and it's why we teach math in school]
As of now, in Maui, there are no wide-spread emails in county about cancelling practices or shutting down parks. So swim practices will go on until your team or your county decides to cancel yours.
Note this is a "suspension" of competitions - NOT cancellation. We'll have the opportunity to try to re-schedule if possible. But our schedule is more filled than will allow for new competitions.