A statement from Delaware Swim Team regarding coronavirus
March 13, 2020, 4:30 PM
The past three days have been a whirlwind in USA Swimming and the sports world at large.  With many decisions having been made, there is now an opportunity to address where Delaware Swim Team stands right now.
The Delaware Swim Team administrative staff took the step of pulling out of all swim meets for the next 30 days, up to and including April 11.  This was after USA Swimming's strong recommendation that swim meets nationwide be cancelled by governing LSCs.  Our decision was made before knowing if all meets that Delaware Swim Team was to attend were, in fact, cancelled.  Our decision was also made before Middle Atlantic Swimming made the decision to cancel all meets within those 30 days.
Later Thursday evening, a state of emergency was announced for the State of Delaware, which went into effect at 8:00 AM on Friday, March 13.  This state of emergency is a low-level state of emergency, and largely does not affect the general public.  Non-essential crowds of more than 100 are banned.  However, an emphasis was made to indicate that there are no restrictions on driving, regular classes at schools, or other small-crowd events; the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services does not see an immediate need to limit activity any further right now.  With the Governor's announcement in mind, Delaware Swim Team will still hold practices, since attendance will certainly remain under 100 people regardless of the group or groups in the water at any time.
Should a higher-level state of emergency be declared, Delaware Swim Team will be among the first to know, since the owner of the team is a member of the state legislature.  Adaptation to adhere to different levels of a state of emergency have been discussed and would be put in place.  The administrative staff will continue to take a proactive approach, in the interest of the swimmers' safety, with any new up-to-date information coming from the state government.
The staff of all of the Ramone's Family of Businesses have been working tirelessly for the last 5 days coming up with action plans at all practice locations to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Delaware Swim Team and within the entire family of businesses.  Enhanced cleaning protocol has begun taking place every day at the Pike Creek and New Castle practice locations.  The owner of the family of businesses has been in direct contact with Gov. John Carney, and Dr. Kara Walker, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Health & Social Services, throughout the week, gathering information that can be shared with patrons of the family of businesses.
Within the team, the administrative staff has been trying to provide a sense of normalcy while trying to simultaneously provide safety for all of the swimmers.  To that end, practices will continue at the New Castle and Pike Creek facilities until information from the state government recommends that this cease.  Besides the aforementioned extensive cleaning, other small measures have been put in place to give Delaware Swim Team members a little more isolation while practicing.
Linked is a statement for all Ramone's Family of Businesses, expressing the company-wide sentiment.  Also linked is the current state of emergency, which outlines the state policies in place for the foreseeable future.
The Delaware Swim Team coaching staff, and Ramone's Family of Businesses staff