LCSC Coho Update 13 March 2020

Good afternoon, Team Coho,

Erring on the side of safety is essential.  The closing of the Rec Center for the next three weeks, along with schools and some businesses, presents a significant challenge for everyone.  Frustration with the situation is natural, but this situation is unavoidable.  As we accept and enact these new precautions, Coho swimmers continue to have opportunities advance athletic skills while they are out of the water.  By improving one’s ability to do calisthenics, yoga, and stretching, one is able to significantly improve their chances of success down the road.  You can continue to sharpen your skills on your own!  

Your coaches will be in regular communcation with you with suggestions for keeping fit and enjoying the challenge of being away from the pool.  For starters, doing what you remember from dry land training will get you going.  Our team has shown great progress this past year, and we look forward to continuing that progress each and every day.

Great job, team!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches