COVID-19 Mitigation (Q & A) from Prince George Aquatic Centre

Afternoon everyone,

The following is information from the Aquatic Centre staff regarding COVID-19 and pool operations

Question: Will the pools or any programs be cancelling?

Answer: Currently there is no intention to close the pools or cancel programs.  That decision is fluid and can change based upon the risk level changing.  The City is in regular contact with the provincial Health Authority and will advise residents should a public facility such as the pool make adjustments to operations.

Question: What is the pools cleaning and disinfection practices?

Answer: The pools have a robust cleaning and disinfection schedule which meets Northern Health requirements.  Areas where there are high traffic touch points are disinfected multiple times throughout the day in addition to all surfaces disinfected nightly.  The pool water is disinfected using a chlorination and ultraviolet light system which kills germs on contact.

Question: What are the pool regulations regarding Health and Hygiene?


·         Patrons who have flu-like symptoms/illness, such as diarrhea, vomiting, head colds, ear or nose discharge, ear infections, have open sore or bandages, or have related symptoms should not enter the pool.

  • Please shower before entering the pool.

·         Spitting/nose cleansing is not permitted anywhere in the facility.

·         Outside footwear is not permitted on the pool deck or shower areas.  

·         Bathing attire is required to be clean and appropriate; for pool use only

·         Infants, toddlers or persons with incontinence must wear a swim diaper and/or elastic swim pants.

Question: What education is occurring within the pools in the prevention of germs?

Answer: Signage is posted throughout the facility and aquatic staff are educating customers on good hygiene practices such as showering before entering the pool etc.