MARCH CLINICS CANCELED and other updates

Good evening, Stingrays!

The YMCA has just informed me that ALL programs, inclusive of March Clinics, are canceled.  We'll get details regarding how the YMCA will deal with this from a financial standpoint, but please be patient as NO ONE was prepared for all of this to escalate so quickly.

For now, the YMCA is still open. But please call them prior to going there since things change quicker than I can send emails. 248-553-4020

The Zone Dinner scheduled for March 18 has been canceled.

The Banquet has not been canceled. We will NOT outright cancel the banquet. If necessary, we may move it to a later date. But, we WILL celebrate our swimmers this season!! There's far too much that was accomplished this season for us not to celebrate it! So stay tuned for updates. AND please still RSVP for the banquet (at least tell us if your swimmer wants awards). We won't hold you to an RSVP until we can fully confirm the date of the banquet. So please RSVP with the option to cancel (we'll alert you prior to the cancellation date).

In the's lovely this evening. Go for a walk. Take the dog. Wave at your neighbor. Get some exercise. It'll calm the soul.

Stay sane and stay safe, Stingray Nation!