Credits /Missed Lessons

With the Schools being closed indefinitely- we are forced to close our program doors at CHS/GHS pools.

Our plan will surely evolve over the next few weeks - this is where we will start.  We will keep track of missed lesson/practice credits during this time for all enrolled/paid swimmers.  When the pool is re-opened we will NEWS BLAST all our families to let you know - we're back in action!

You will have a choice of the following:

Gift Certificate - to be used when you re-enroll for upcoming session

Extend Session - we will allow swimmers to extend their spring session into summer for any make-ups still outstanding.  Mon/Wed AM, Tues/Thurs PM and/or Sat AM

Our hope is to be back in the water by summer at the latest.  Any specific questions or concerns, email Jennifer Keller at anytime!