Results from 2020 Dragons Spring Short Course Closed

On March 14, 2020 Jupiter Dragons Swim Team hosted a Closed to other teams Spring Short Course meet for swimmers of Blue Senior, Blue Junior and Elite groups who practice on Saturday. The meet was sanctioned by Florida Gold Coast and organized in a very short notice since we were not sure if our pool NCAC will be open in the coming weeks due to the corona virus outbreak. The meet gave a chance to the swimmers who couldn't swim at Junior Olympics, Senior Champs and Junior Nationals an oportunity to race.

It turn out to be a Great Success!!! Our Jupiter Dragons swimmers were able to accomplish 56 personal best times and establish 3 New Team Records! Congratulations to the New Team Record holders - Tessa Broedell, Alexandria Cogle and Colin Rymarz!

Big Thank You goes to all Parents and Swimmers who volunteered their time and worked at the meet and making it a great success!

It was an extremely well-run meet with great officiating!

We received a lot of positive feedback from swimmers and parents!

Here are some stats:

38 Swimmers participated in 110 events

56 Personal Best Times were established

3 New Team Records was established

Click HERE for Jupiter Dragons Swim Team results

Click HERE for Jupiter Dragons Swim Team results with Junior Olympic times

Click HERE for Jupiter Dragons Swim Team results with Senior Champs times

Click HERE for New Individual Team Records

Congratulations go to all!!!