Practice Updates: EFFECTIVE 3/15/2020

Dear TIBU Parents & Athletes, 

I have consulted with the TIBU coaching staff to discuss the pandemic and this unprecedented situation in our country. As mentioned in previous messages, COVID-19 has impacted educational, recreational and social activities across the United States and on a global scale. I was optimistic that we would be able to hold practices during the shut down. However, the health and safety of our TIBU family is far too important for all of us to risk potential exposure.

Therefore effective at 12:00pm TODAY, March 15th, 2020 the Hydro-Sonic Tiburones will suspend all practices for the next two weeks.  We will continue to monitor this situation and be in contact weekly, if not daily, as more information comes to light. We also ask that you continue to take precautions at home; isolate as much as possible and practice social distancing. The science is indicating that the next 14 days are critical to “flattening the curve” and mitigating the spread of this virus. 

We regret that the situation has warranted a complete suspension of swimming and we will certainly miss seeing our athletes every day. We hope all our families stay safe and healthy during this time. As Governor Hogan stated, “Marylanders are strong and we will get through this together.”

Take care, 

Coach Jorge