Current Status

All practices are on hold until further notice.


Date: 3/13/2020


Re: The dynamic state of today- Covid 19

Yesterday, those in control of Olympic Sports in our country released a statement that put all competitions on hold for the next 30 days. It reminds us that there are forces beyond our control that guide our future paths. This came at a very rough time for our athletes and our hearts pour out for them. It also, came at a very poor time for our coaches who have dedicated day after day preparing our athletes and parents for your dedication to your kids and other kids in our swim family.

I am certain there is a mixture of emotions from athletes, coaches and parents ranging from shocked to angry. One cannot blame these emotions from surfacing however, we can control them. The force of nature we could not but we can control our response. It is definitely not “fair” in fact its “hard hitting” and it is certainly not the way we envisioned things to be. But, it is what we have.

Now, It’s become about dealing with it. This is something we will all need to confront and come up with our own measures of how we are going to deal with it. May I suggest one thing—can we do it without expressing or demonstrating the negative feeling it may be producing. This is our real challenge. Keeping teammates uplifted, keeping our amazing coaching staff up lifted and keeping the Paseo Aquatics spirit alive and healthy.

As a swim community, we are very hopeful that it’s a small break in the action and that the meets that got cancelled will get filled with new meets. Coaches and parents -- at our level I am sure we were both working and hoping equally as hard to avoid this. Unfortunately, we can no longer get around it. Let us set good examples, let us stand behind our team and our kids, let us remain strong and together. Our actions will impact the kids for years to come. They will not forget this moment, rather they will remember. We should just assure them that life sometimes has sharp and painful messages to get out but we will survive.

As of most recently, it was brought to my attention that one of our main training facilities (Castaic Aquatics Complex) has cancelled practices for the remaining days in March and so has the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center. Currently, The Paseo Club pool has remained open but our practices are on hold until further notice.  Again, we remain very hopeful that this is just a small break and as we move forward Paseo Aquatics will follow the guidelines set forth by the WHO and the CDC as we can all be a part in the effort to curb the outbreaks. Parents spend some time and educate now the importance of washing hands, staying a safe distance away and if we are sick stay home.

Paseo Aquatics is going to think of ways to provide our athletes with some home workouts the athletes can do on their own. With kids not being in school we just don’t want them sitting around watching TV or playing video games. 

There is a good chance that the kids will suddenly be back in the sport and a couple weeks. This is an unprecedented situation and coaches like ourselves need to play this positive role to help. We are constantly trying to teach the kids Autonomy and now is a perfect opportunity for these kids to take charge and bring good personal growth from our dynamic situation. We all need to work together to carry out the plan.



Coach Chris & the Entire Staff at Paseo Aquatics