Team Update - NAAC Morning Training!

NAAC Families & Swimmers –

As promised in the last Team Update, I wanted to pass along some basic info and Dryland training for the swimmers (and for any parents who have some unscheduled time off…!).  This is a bit of a surreal experience, and I want to be able to help keep our swimmers focused on improving themselves, staying healthy & strong, even while we are all away from the pool.

You most often get what you focus on, as I so often tell our Senior Groups, and a focus on health & strength seems wholly appropriate at this time, particularly for our swimmers who will likely find themselves with some extra time on their hands.  It would also be best to focus on actions as opposed to outcomes – how to generally improve health & strength.  Healthy, strong people are harder to hurt (whether that be a virus, a car accident, whatever), and generally more useful as well.  In order to remain healthy & strong I have 5 tips, plus 1, listed below, and please note that I will be practicing as I preach!

  1. Stay on some kind of a sleep schedule to help reduce stress.
  2. Sleep a minimum of 60 hours per week, or 8½ + hours per night, to help maintain general health.
  3. Eat at least 100g of protein per day if 15 & over to maintain muscle mass (parents included!), or eat around 1g protein per pound of bodyweight if 14 & under to encourage continued growth.
  4. Go for a 10 min walk after any large meal to help flatten your insulin release curve.
  5. Every morning, before Noon, do the training listed below, adding work every 3 days as noted per group/s, to become stronger.  Just get in the work as best you can.  Parents included…!

Plus 1  The back of our NCSA Jr National shirts say the following, designed for the meet that was supposed to be happening this week:

Beyond the Mountains are more Mountains

Keep Climbing


Discipline = Freedom

Themes that are equally appropriate for the situation we all find ourselves in now, and I will regularly post a challenge workout to our new TEAM NAAC Instagram account swimstrongnaac@coachjohn1971 for all of our Senior swimmers, and for any other parent and/or swimmer that might want to accept the challenge.  Please modify as needed for any younger swimmers interested, and social distancing is likely appropriate here – all challenges can be done solo!

I’ll wrap this email with the following quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Without health there is no happiness. 

An attention to health, then, should take the place of every other object.”

Thanks and Morning Training (MT) for the next 3 weeks, beginning Monday, 3-16-20, is below! 

– John C

PS – If you don’t have a pull-up bar at home, please order one on Amazon ASAP!


NAAC Daily MT (Morning Training)

Mon March 16 through Sunday April 5

Exercise demos are on our Team Instagram account swimstrongnaac


Breaker, Ripple & Wave

Exercise                                         Reps                Every 3 days

Push-ups                                        5                      +1

8 Count Bodybuilders                     5                      +1

Zip-ups                                           5                      +1

Hanging Leg Raise (HLR)               5                      +1


Tsunami, Hurricane & Typhoon

Exercise                                         Reps                Every 3 days

Push-ups                                        10                    +2

8 Count Bodybuilders                     10                    +2

Zip-ups                                           5                      +1

HLR                                                5                      +1

Pull-ups                                          5                      +1


Cyclone, Elite & College

Exercise                                         Reps                Every 3 days

Push-ups                                        20                    +2

Sit-outs                                           20                    +2

8 Count Bodybuilders                     20                    +2

Zip-ups                                           10                    +2

HLR                                                10                    +1

Dead Hang Pull-ups                       5                      +1