update 3/16

Dear CMAC Family:


It’s been a very unconventional few days, filled with uncertainty and confusion.  To bring you up to date, we are under strict guidelines from NMUSD to be out of the facilities for the next couple of weeks at least.  This also follows the CDC, USAWP, and USSwimming guidelines that we follow. Please understand that every club and organization in the area is following these guidelines.


Coaches may follow up with a workout plan for dryland and strength exercises for the kids during this unfortunate “break”.


We ask you to please keep your social distance and stay healthy.  This will be a difficult time for many families and we understand, please reach out if there is anything your CMAC family could support you in!  We are also hopeful that our athletes will make good choices, get some conditioning in, be helpful during this stressful time for their parents, and stay out of trouble. 

If we are cleared or find open water, we will communicate to all ASAP.  Our weekly emails will continue or be more frequent as we get more information.

Thank you!