Update on SCAT - Please respond

Good morning parents and swimmers,


I must start by thanking you all for an incredibly calm weekend from each of you.  In a situation that finds us all scrambling to understand what is coming in the next weeks and months, we appreciate that you have given us the time to try to work a plan for our team going forward.  Our priority is the safety of our athletes and their families. 


The staff has again just finished a meeting and discussed what we think is happening and how we can be a part of a solution during this time.


We believe there is a real chance we will be out of the water and unable to meet as a group for a minimum of the remainder of March, April and quite possibly into May.  Of course we don’t know this for sure, but as a business, we must prepare for the worst case scenario and we want to plan accordingly for this.


With that in mind and knowing that as leaders we are asked to NOT have our team gather in any type of group situation, we are taxed with the scenario of how we keep our kids in a safe, meaningful routine that adds value to their conditioning and training.  We also believe that keeping the kids “connected” socially during this is a critical step in their ability to withstand a setback in their training and the isolation that can come in the days ahead.


With that in mind, we are putting together an online forum where your athletes are able to “attend” each day (Mon- Thur) to check in and hear from their coaches, interact with each other and have a guided session with a their coach. 


We have spent our weekend looking at online services.  As many have you have probably found there are several options available for free online videos of workouts, yoga, meditation etc.  These are valuable resources for us as we move through this, but what we want to offer is a safe platform (online) to direct our athletes through their training in a group setting to create the accountability and social atmosphere of still being part of a team.  Online videos have always been an option, but what differentiates is the ability to connect, interact and receive feedback from us.


We are putting together a platform that we hope to have available by Wednesday of this week. 


What we need to know from our families:

1.      Is an online coaching platform something you are interested in going forward until we are back in the pool?

2.      Does your athlete have internet capability?


We appreciate that our fees will need to be adjusted.  Depending on the response we receive from you, we will be able to understand how many will still participate and how we will restructure your dues through this setback.


If you are interested in this option, I would ask you to simply reply to this email with a

1.      Yes

2.       A working email address that would be used to communicate with your athlete.


We again want to express our gratefulness to our families and our commitment to keeping SCAT together as a team, keeping our coaches employed, and keeping your athletes safe and healthy!

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