Another update...

Warning: I'm in full sass-mode now. cheeky

I'm convinced that largely due to the fact that I've been far too "glass is half full" about all this, the Governor just ordered all fitness centers closed. That includes the YMCA. So it's gonna be all-dryland-all-the-time for a while. Coach Rich will continue to provide dryland workouts.

And, although this is not necessarily a Boosters endorsement, I thought I'd provide some links to some fun home-based fitness things because even AFTER the kids finish cleaning the house, they're still kind of squirrelly:

We've used this pullup bar in our home with lots of success: Pullup bar link

These resistance bands are nice - I like the door attachment: Resistance Bands Link.

Tony Horton is the worst person ever, but his p90X3 routine is pretty great, if you can stomach his ego.

Medicine balls are also pretty great, but can be a little pricey. Amazon has lots. Or just use the canned goods that you hoarded...errr....stocked up on last week. Start with soup, build up to yams, and move to the Sam's Club corn if you're feeling burly. laugh

And there are a ton of fun and FREE apps for fitness online that you can get. 


As Coach Rich indicated in his last email, I'd LOVE to see some pull-up and push-up and sit-up challenges, in addition to some fun dryland stuff show up on Facebook and Instagram!

How long until the outdoor pools open? Can't hardly wait...