Stats from 2020 B Champs - The Future of the NM LSC

 It’s easy to find the latest accomplishments of the world’s top elite swimmers – just check any of the main swimming magazines on line like SwimSwam™ or Swimming World™.  And it’s not much different if you want to find results for the fastest swimmers in the NM LSC – just check Meet Mobile™ or see what’s on the news page on  These are important results – they represent the now of the NM LSC.

But if you want to see the future of the NM LSC, you should direct your attention to the B meets series – and especially our twice-annual B Champs (also in Meet Mobile™ in case you were wondering).  This is where you’ll get a feel for what “now” is going be like a little further down the road.

The 2020 Winter B Champs meet was held this past 2/29-3/1 at the UNM Seidler Natatorium, sponsored by Lobo Aquatics and lead by Meet Director Crystal Forbes. The meet featured 305 swimmers from 12 NM teams who tallied 1574 splashes (an average of more than 5 swims per athlete). You’ll certainly be seeing and hearing more from these athletes – they set 44 (!) new B Champs records and achieved 18 BB cuts – meaning they now qualify for Long Course State in July!

I’m sure many of you will be at Long Course State to see beaming new faces swimming in 18 events, but it would also be great if you can find some time to help with one of the Summer B meets that are coming up, or even Summer B Champs. I’m sure the help will be greatly appreciated – and you never know what future household name you might meet!

Written by: Murray Kelley (Admin Vice-Chair), Crystal Forbes (Lobo Aquatics) and Aimee Dunavant (AG Chair)