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COVID-19 - Update on NTA Response

COVID-19 Update - New Trier Aquatics - CEO Message

I hope this email finds everyone happy and healthy, albeit in their homes working on e-school or work from home. I wanted to send a quick note that clarifies where NTA sits in this national crisis so that as a team family, we can look to opportunities to regain normal programming and provide a much needed physical and emotional outlet for our community. There’s a lot of uncertainty and unease in our world right now, and we’re actively looking for ways to help mitigate that chaos – for athletes, coaches and families.
CDC Link for mass gatherings

While we are a small non-profit, we do have reserves to support our program operations and coaches during this hiatus, whether it’s two weeks or two months. We are confident that we can ensure our coaches financial security so they can be ready to focus on the athletes upon our restart – hopefully no later than June.

First, for this summer season, we will be moving to a monthly billing structure. This will allow us the flexibility to pro-rate the season based on when we return to the pool and it will be scaled based on what our pool time may be per group. A suggested fee structure will be posted shortly, although we will adapt based on what we are actually able to offer as well.

Second, we ask that athletes register for the swim team, as that will help us be prepared to budget both pool time and coach resources as facilities become available.  Water polo and Masters will open up on April 15th as scheduled.  Registration will close for Swimming on April 7th.  REGISTER HERE. Tryouts will be rescheduled to when we have available pool time.

Third, we will be posting daily surveys, workouts and other fun trivia on all our social media outlets. Please encourage your athletes to test out some of those opportunities to grow a little and keep the in-house doldrums away – depending on what they need. Staying involved in the team will help give your athlete a little bit of purpose and something to look forward to each day that isn’t school.

Fourth, please consider raising money for Hour Of Power. At a time like this, funding medical research could not be more important – life-saving revelations and discoveries can occur anywhere. We will look to reschedule this official event once our pool time becomes more solvent as our governing body, USA Swimming, has extended the ban on large events through April 30th.   

Lastly, thank you for your support as we all navigate this uncharted territory. Sports are one of those rare entities that unite the community and nowhere is that more evident that in the pool. We are optimistic that things will start looking more normal towards the end of April/May, but we get the same information you do as well and are mentally preparing for the long haul at home. We miss our athletes fiercely – please do not hesitate to reach out if your athletes need a phone call or note from a coach.

Please take care of your families and your communities.
Wash your hands. Hydrate. Use this time to mentally & physically reset.
Be Kind to those who are working to make sure we have necessities.
We are all in this together and together, a shark frenzy is very powerful element.
If there is anything I can do for you to help make this time better, please let me know and I will try my best!

CEO/Head Coach Alexis Keto