Storm - Covid-19 Update

Hello Storm Families and Swimmers,

Below you will find our latest update to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of both Prior Lake and Lakeville schools being closed, we are unable to make use of their pools.  Schools have communicated their closure through the end of March with plans to transition to online learning. While plans are being made for kids to return to learning, it is unclear as to when the actual schools will be open.

At this time, April spring session is on hold until further notice. We will contact those who have registered for the spring season or are part of our yearlong payment option to ensure you are billed appropriately. Please continue to watch our team website for any upcoming schedule changes, including potential changes to planned meets.
During this pause in swimming, we encourage you to take advantage of this break from the pool. Keep in mind, staying active is good for everyone even if it is not in the pool! To help address this, we are creating a free, daily workout session to help keep swimmers active and socially engaged.  Look for details later this week. (We hope to start this on Monday, March 23rd.)

While our plans to return to the pool are uncertain, we’d like to take a minute to say thank you! Thank you for making Storm such an awesome team and thank you for believing in us as much as we believe in our swimmers!

We will be back.  We’ve planned for a rainy day and it has arrived.  When we do return, we hope you do as well. Stronger, faster and more excited than ever to be a swimmer.

Take care,
Chuck Smith, Phil Smith, and all of the Storm Coaching Staff
Go Storm!