Dryland Workout


Attention Cyclones! Here is a Dryland workout you can do while you are out of the water. Thanks to Coach Burgess for putting this together


Set #1
50 crunches
50 leg lifts
15 push-ups
25 squats
25 lunges
3 minutes of flutters

Set #2 (5:00 minutes of aerobic):
0:30 sec Jumping Jacks
0:30 sec steam engines
0:30 sec mountain climbers
0:30 sec sundials
0:30 sec Burpees

Repeat set one and set two 4x

Each set should take around five - 8 minutes. Total should be a 50 minute workout.

Run 3 Miles every other day

If don’t have time for four sets, do as many sets as you can