BSC Team Weekly Update - 3/17/2020
Good Morning Bend Swim Club,
Hopefully this letter finds you all healthy and safe (albeit a tad bored from sitting in your homes). As most of you are all well aware by now, Gov. Brown has there will be a ban on gatherings of over 25 people for 30 days . This, along with other measures such as temporarily closing restaurants and bars to drink/dine in customers, will be done in an effort to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus as much as possible. 
As a club, we made the respective decision to cancel practices for the remainder of last week as well as this week and next relatively early. Bend Parks and Rec has closed all of their facilities until March 29. Our original plan was to start practice either the first or second week of April (6th) but that is looking like it’s a very optimistic assumption at this point. 
We are working closely with Bend Parks and Rec as we navigate through this situation. Our primary concern is the health and safety of not just the members of our program but also the members of the community as well as those who share the Juniper facility with us. We will keep everyone informed to any changes to any schedule as those decisions are made. 
You can look for the following during the next few weeks:
  1. Coaches will still be sending out weekly updates and checking in with their groups. If you have any questions regarding practice schedules, meet questions, or just general team questions, please direct them towards me. Any other questions, please ask your squad coach.
  2. I will be communicating with the team once a week (at least) with a formal newsletter highlighting any changes or other information that you may not be but need to be aware of. 
  3. Once we are able to resume practice, the schedule may have to be modified to accommodate any new regulation regarding crowd size, social distancing, etc… please be flexible and we promise to do our best to accommodate the needs of the entire team as best as possible.
All that being said, if you’re an athlete, and you’re bored, you can still find creative ways to be active. You can still go outside and use one of the countless parks in the community. We will be ending the CrossFit 44 workouts for the Gold groups given the current recommendations from both the federal and state governments. Hopefully we will find a way to continue those once we get back to a more structured training schedule. You can however, exercise at home in relative safety. Stationary biking, online workout videos, etc… are all great ways to burn off some of that extra energy you’re all bound to have. That being said everyone’s #1 goal right now should be to stay SAFE AND HEALTHY. 
If anyone has any questions or concerns please be sure to ask and we will address them as quickly as possible. Thank you all for everything you have done and are doing to keep the Bend Swim Club a wonderful and healthy place to be.
Swim hard. Be Strong. Think BIG!
Christopher Pfaffenroth
Head Coach
Bend Swim Club