Hello SpyNation

Hello SpyNation,

I am writing this to try to keep everyone up to speed about the situation.  Yes the Govenor has closed down fitness centers throughout Ohio. When we get notice that this has been lifted, we will get that information out as fast as possible. There are staff working to clean, empty pool, possibly touch up paint, clean floors, redo groats, and more cleaning.  These are things that would normally happen in August shutdown, but we are doing them now hopefully to be open and not have to close in August again.

This is a time where it may be easy to dwell on the situation. We have the power to better ourselves if we take on the challenge. I have seen pod casts that some swimmers might be turning to for fitness. Others may have a dryland process they are used to.  We have the ability to get stronger doing such things as Running/jogging/ walking. Aerobic videos may help enhance your workout.  Here are some exercises done during dryland that could help with fitness.  Jump Rope, Burpes, Lunges, Wall Squats, Superman alternate raises, Russian twists, leg kicks, leg lifts, donkey kicks, planks, v ups, knee to elbow crunch, left side/right side crunches, bear crawls, squats, standing long jumps.  This week maybe 3 x 10 on each exercise, next week maybe 3 x 15 on each, two weeks maybe 3 x 20 on each exercise.  

Kids that are old enough may want to structure some weight lifting if you have the resources, but now is not the time to lift for those too young and those who would need structure first.  There are enough exercises above that don't involve lifting so that is not what I'm saying.  For 8 and unders maybe trying to work up to a 20 minute run? 9-10 maybe trying to work up to a 30 minute run? 11 and up trying to work up to a 45 minute run?   I know many swimmers do not enjoy the running aspect, but the more we strengthen our core, the stronger we will be in the water. If you feel like something hurts then stop that activity and do others. We don't want injuries starting back up.  

I already miss seeing your SpyNation faces. I know things seem rough right now, but we will get through all of this.  Some moments that came to mind while cleaning and working through this:

Mason Carrol addressing the team at the Spy Inv. telling them "it's ok to be scared"  that we will get through it at the meet!  He might have been talking about a race, but this approach also applies now.  

Carson Chaffee finding his passion for swimming again and training the way he is capable of

Dylan Day coming up to me at A's and saying "I didn't have my competitive look through the High School Championships because of sickness, but after that 200 back I think I got my competitive look back.

The Collins family championships song. Each season Erica and her swimmers take a song and twist some words to send out a great swimming message. 

Brian Halpin coming up to me wanting to show me the first official pimple.

Elizabeth Hill telling me " no you can't hang me up in the spy room by my suit, but you can hang my sister up instead" lol.

Madi Lee, Lola Derr, Emily Bennett calling me Lawrence (my real first name)lol.

Matti Milam telling me "NO coach John you can't fit in my fins".

Rylie Turner the dance behind the blocks to stay in her zone!

These are a few things that went through my mind today, and I plan on coming up with others as these days pass. Just because we aren't in the pool together, doesn't mean we can't still think like a team. Everyone is trying there best under these circumstances. We ( Spy coaches) pray for Our Families,SpyNation, Southwest cluster, Ohio swimming families.  We want everyone to be healthy and get back to what we do well SWIM!!!