Practice time slots


Greetings parents! I hope today went more smoothly with time blocking. A few notes moving forward:

1. Please always check your email before heading to the Y as things can change at any time. 

2. I will be working on practice time blocks nightly so that people can plan for the following day. If you want to block off a time for the following day, please email me by 9 PM the night before and let me know how many swimmers in your family will be participating. Please note any times you CANNOT come due to work issues, rather than requesting a time or specific people to practice with. Today, 9 people requested the same time slot. I am doing my best to place swimmers to keep at the 5 person SMAC limit and keep similar levels together as much as possible. It's a daily puzzle. I appreciate your understanding. 

3. Please remind your swimmer to clear the pool deck on time even if they have not finished the written practice. 

4. If we run out of time slots, we may have to alternate days. We encourage minis, developmental and exploring to enjoy this time off with their families, get outside, and participate in online dryland. 

5. Please do not bring your SMAC swimmer to lap swim outside of SMAC's hours. We would like older individuals to have a chance to swim without being around children. 

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! We are blessed to still have pool availability and hope this will allow us to continue as long as it is reasonable. 

** Side note- some parents have messaged me and asked if they should be bringing their kids to these practices. I want to assure you that these are completely optional. Please do not feel any pressure to bring your child to practice. Our goal is to offer an opportunity of normality for the kids and to give them a place to expend some energy, if needed. We completely support your individual decisions on this matter.

Stay Well,

Coach Stephanie