Coach Roy's Dryland workout

MCHS Swimmers and  Parents,
This is an unprecedented time and event (at least in our lifetime). The frustration we feel at the cancellation of our season must be tempered with the knowledge that we are doing the right thing by others by isolating ourselves and mitigating the epidemic that is upon us. Many of us may get the virus and get better fairly quickly and wonder why all of the extrordinary measures need to take place. We do wat we do to protect the vulnerable, the old, the infirm, the weak and the sick. Do what you can to stay in shape without causing danger to others. I am so proud of the preparation we made, and the spirit we had. We didn't need to see it to know how it would have been. We were and are proud to be your coaches. I have posted Coach Roy's famous (infamous) dry land workout. If I can, I will post some dryland video workouts, and maybe some recommendations for ocean swims that would allw for social distancing for those so inclined. I hope and wish you and you families stay safe in the coming weeks.

Tore Blichfeldt

Individual Optional Workout Information


*Always remember the warmup and cool down are important and to not do any exercises that hurt pre-existing injuries.


Warm Up (2x20 seconds: 2 rounds, 20 seconds each exercise.)

·        Skipping

·        Knee Tucks

·        Sumo Squats

·        Arm Circles

·        Speed Skaters


Main Set (3x30 seconds each exercise, 2 min. rest after each set/round) – Increase time and sets if too easy

1.      Super Heroes

2.      Wonder Dogs/Fire Hydrants

3.      Planks (regular)

4.      Planks (side) switch @ 15 seconds

5.      Squat Jump (or without jump)

6.      Alternating Lunge Jump (or without jump)

7.      Push-Ups (shoulder width apart)

8.      Jumping Jacks

9.      Y-T-I Pattern (laying down)

10.    Supraspinatus Exercise (Full Can Scaption) w/out weight: 2 Second Hold at top


Cool Down (2x30 sec., no rest)

·        Standing Side Bend

·        Chest Opener (hands behind back)

·        Pigeon

·        Hamstring (toes or standing)

·        Hollywoods

·        Quad (flamingo)

·        Tricep

·        Arm across


Warm Up Option #2

·        Jumping Jacks

·        Butt Kickers

·        Reverse Lunges

·        Windmill

·        Arm across (dynamic)


Main Set Exercises Swaps/Additional Options (swap core for core, upper body for upper body, should for shoulder, etc.)

·        Plank Variations

·        Glute/Back Bridge

·        Supermans

·        Push Up variations (Ex: V, spider, decline)

·        Band exercises



Additional notes:

·        Sun Salutations!!

·        Feel free to try some YouTube/Online workout videos (core, body weight, yoga exercises, etc.)

·        Get outside: Hike/run/bike/etc. (so long as local/state/federal restrictions allow)