How to Cultivate Personal Power Amid the Coronavirus


Here’s an excerpt from our latest blog post, How to Cultivate Personal Power Amid the Coronavirus:


“In a world in which we have consistent routines and patterns, it feels strange for an unfamiliar force to enter our consciousness and impact our lives. Whether you’ve been forced to cancel a long-awaited trip or have a loved one who is sick, the Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed daily life for all of us.


“If you’re like most of us, the current pandemic has shifted your perspective and evoked unsettling feelings. Fear, uncertainty, and stress have become more common experiences as we all seek to make sense of the changing circumstances. In Qi Gong, situations like these remind us of the importance of staying true to our practice and using it for guidance and clarity throughout the times ahead. This blog post will discuss how our practice can be a source of strength and vitality amid the commotion around us.”


The Holden QiGong Team

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