COVID-19 Update

Dear Gulliver Swim Club Members, 


We hope this note finds you well. I would like to follow up with the email we sent last week regarding the next couple of weeks. Late yesterday afternoon, the Florida Department of Education ordered all public and private school campuses to remain closed through April 15, 2020 .


In an effort to help with the financial burden during this difficult time, Gulliver Swim Club will suspend all billing for the month of April. In addition, all Junior Olympic meet entry fees will be reimbursed. 


As some of you have heard, USA Swimming has announced a moratorium for all swim meets effective until April 30th, therefore, we will not be attending the Jon Olsen Invite in the Keys at the end of April this year.  


We realize that this is a difficult time for everyone as we adjust to these new circumstances. Our goal is to reduce the amount of stress on your family and to provide a sense of normalcy for our athletes. That being said, I have had numerous discussions with coaches across the country to get a better idea of what other clubs are doing and what Gulliver Swim Club can do to help you and your family during this adjustment period. After a lengthy planning meeting with the coaching staff, we have developed a plan with many activities, challenges, and discussions for our swimmers that will help provide guidance during the extended break away from the pool. 


  1. Each group will have its own daily dry land set that they can complete at home. The group coach will communicate these workouts daily via email or Remind. 


  1. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Coach Lynnette will post mobility and injury prevention challenges for the entire team. These are designed to strengthen the athletes and help them as we prepare to get back to the pool. We will post the challenges to our News section on our website. If you follow us on Instagram, the challenges will be posted on our Instagram page @gulliverswimming. 


  1. Group meetings will be held on Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 pm-5:30 pm. We will send group invitations via email or Remind. We will send more information regarding the set up for group meetings. 


  1. The first discussion topic is for the Gold, Sr. Prep, and Senior groups. If you have access to Netflix, we would like for you to watch the first episode of the documentary “Cheer” no later than Tuesday, 3/24/2020. Coach Jackson will send discussion questions as a guideline for these group discussions. 


We are encouraging maximum participation with these challenges so we can keep the groups focused while we are all away from the pool. Again, our goal is to help minimize the stress on your family and to provide some semblance of structure in the absence of our normal practices. The coaching staff greatly appreciates all your help and effort in making this happen. 


Lastly, we hope everyone is in good health. Please follow the CDC guidelines and wash your hands for 20 seconds, don’t touch your face, mouth, or eyes, and practice social distancing. Together, we can minimize the spread of COVID-19. 


Be safe, stay healthy, and Go Raiders! 


Coach Chris