Hello from a distance

 Good morning,

So as we are just 4 days in & some of you will feel the real crunch when we are in week 2.  Trying to keep the kids from going stir crazy, remind them, that we basically started our spring break a week earlier.

This week can be the week.... they needed ....perhaps, relax, sleep in...etc. but make sure that they are eating healthy foods, hydrating and while it's so nice out take a walk or two. or three....Try baking, get those leaves raked (or rake a neighbors!!) 

On SwimSwam , ,a swimmer's website, founded by Olympian Melvin Stewart, famous Tennessee backstroker from the dark ages from when I swam , lol,  there are articles about other teams facing predicaments.  Mostly, think of all of those NCAA athletes who never got to swim their last championship meet,or meets halted after day 1, like our own Julia Brunner's  (and the Seniors...& how  NCAA is prob not going to give them another year...)and future Olympians, not having pools and the Olympic Training facility now closed.  Big teams of over 400 kids with no pools either.

So, we have to be patient, see where this shakes out.  I would recommend that we all lay low with the what ifs?, when? will get to swim again? etc... until the first week of April and we will know much more.  I will keep you posted once I know more, but we just need to be patient.

So, far I know that

  • All sanctioned and approved swim meets are cancelled, nation wide in the month of April.
  • Our college recruiting talk on April 7th has been postponed; as well as the banquet has been tabled to a date down the road. 
  • Group trainings/gatherings more than 10 are not recommended. (this changes daily)

Once we know any more, some of it out of our control, I will let you know. (group outside gatherings, dryland, possibly swim practices) 

Until then, there is a great yoga for swimmers site, link below ( i know some folks choose not to do yoga) but it is great stretching and mobility.

and the daily 16 that the USMC uses for dryland....mebbe they can nip off a little bit of this... daily pt.pdf


If you have any questions, please reach out....and if you need anything or have any concerns please do the same.