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2020 Rocklin Wave Pre-Season Updates

ATTENTION Email Sent March 19, 2020 at 1:41pm:

Updates for the Upcoming 2020 Wave Season:
Hopefully you are all surviving the first few days of your involuntary homeschooling efforts and imagining a time in the not too distant future where you can swing by the pool and drop your kids off for a nice tiresome swim practice!  This is our hope as well, and as we continue to work through the logistics of all our swim programs, I wanted to take a moment to address our upcoming Wave season.
First off, while we operate out of the high school pools, our timeline for return is not necessarily tied to the RUSD schedule for schools, or their athletic programs.  Instead, we take our cues from the City of Rocklin, and will resume operations once we get the green light from them.  Second, while we historically start our season the first week of April, it is not unprecedented for us to start later in the month, so our hope is that the delay in the start of the season doesn't impact our scheduled Meets or the whole of our season.  There has been no signal from the Norcal League, or otherwise, that the 2020 Season is in jeopardy of not happening.
That brings me to a specific ask that I have of all of you.  We are extending registration for returning Wave swimmers through  March 31st, and are asking all families with the means to do so, to please register their swimmer(s) by this date if you are planning on swimming with the Wave this season.  This helps us in two critical ways:
  1. Your down payment (1/4 of the total season fee), plus the fees for our coupon card fundraiser will go a long way toward helping us continue to pay the ongoing costs of operating the team during this unscheduled downtime.
  2. We currently have over 100 swimmers registered for tryouts, and unfortunately, don't have a set date to hold those tryouts.  Our best guess right now is that we will be scrambling to start our Wave season and hold tryouts simultaneously, which makes it imperative for us to know what our numbers are for returning swimmers so that we can fill open spots with new swimmers appropriately.  
Wave changes in response to the crisis:
  1. We are changing our refund policy to extend through Sunday, April 26th without any penalty or processing fee for Wave swimmers.
  2. The second installment, currently scheduled for April 1, will be delayed until we have a pool start time after May 1.
We hope that these changes give all of you the comfort needed to register for the upcoming Wave season, we appreciate all the support, and we look forward to the time we can get back in the pool.
Stay healthy,
Brad Cooper
President, Rocklin Swim Team
Ryan Jones
Aquatics Director, Rocklin Swim Team
Please email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.