Team Mobility

Friday- Diaphragmatic breathing: aka breathing from your diaphragm


What is the first step to better all around mobility? Breathing correctly. 

Athletes rely on breathing mechanics to take over during a difficult race or when under extreme pressure. Build the engagement pattern you want to have by learning to breathe by contracting your diaphragm. 

Are you breathing from your diaphragm? Let's find out. Lie on your back. Place a hand on your stomach. You should feel your stomach rise by filling your lungs on the inhale and lower on the exhale, not the opposite. This is diaphragmatic breathing. If you feel only your chest moving, refocus and try again.


Challenge: Run, squat, do jumping jacks, or any aerobic activity you like to do. Periodically, as your heart rate increases, remind yourself to check how you are breathing. If you feel your belly button moving in toward your spine during a breath, readjust yourself and focus on breathing from your diaphragm  

Why is this important? When an athlete doesn't know the importance of diaphragmatic breathing, they inhale and hold their breath with their lungs full of air which is ineffective and costly to an athlete, especially a swimmer!

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