Fitter & Faster: Free Webinar Series


Free Webinar Series




Hello Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches!


We are proud to announce that will be hosting free webinars for swimmers, parents, and coaches! Each online event will be on a different topic and for a specific audience group. Register right away to make sure you get a seat!


  • WHAT: Webinars including presentations, demonstrations, Q&A, live polls, and more!
  • LED BY: Elite Clinicians and experts in the sport.
  • WHEN: Every week we will announce more webinars! See below for the first few.
  • WHERE: Anywhere you have internet access!
  • WHY: So that you can continue to learn and improve from the comfort of your home!




Upcoming Webinars





How to Stay in Shape During Quarantine


For Swimmers Ages 12 +, Parents, and Coaches


  • Staying engaged with your swimming when you're out of the water
  • Dryland exercises you can do from home
  • How to put together a consistent workout routine to stay in shape



March 20: 2:00pm EST


Led by Olympic Gold Medalists

Tyler Clary & Tyler McGill


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Dealing with Adversity


For Swimmers Ages 12 + and Coaches


  • Focusing on what you can control
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Remaining focused on your goals

March 24: 2:00pm EST


Led by Olympic Medalist Kim Vandenberg & Paralympic Medalist Tucker Dupree


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Breaking Down Sprint Freestyle


For Swimmers ages 12 + and Coaches


  • Technique for more speed
  • Racing strategies 
  • How to train for sprint freestyle

March 27: 2:00pm EST


Led by five-time Olympian & Coach Brett Hawke and Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary 


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