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Facility and Dues Update

Hello Desert Families,

Wanted to provide a few quick updates and answer a few questions we have gotten as we continue to see things updating with the concern of the COVID-19 virus

1.  April dues will NOT be charged on the 1st.  IF we enter the water prior to the start of May we will charge accounts when we return to the water a prorated amount.  We will revisit the due suspension each month we are out of the water.

2. Silverado High School remains closed.  We are in contact with the school and getting updated on a weekly basis as to when to return to the facility. We will keep everyone updated via remind, the website, and social media

3. During this time DSRT Coaching Staff  and B.O.D are working hard to ensure we support a speedy return to the pool.  In the meantime, lets keep our swimmers as active as possible.  A seperate email with links to resources will go out today.

Wishing all our families safety and some quality family time while we wait this out.  We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you on the pool deck soon.

Desert Aquatics Coaching Staff and B.O.D