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Swim Team Status

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the Board I wanted to update everyone on the Team plans.  With the closures of WSSB and Marshall it doesnt look like swim practices will resume until the first week of May at the earliest.  If that changes we will let everyone know promptly.

There will be no billing for the month of April. We will issue a 50% credit for March's dues to be applied toward May's dues. Doing this will accurately recognize the lost practice time in March and will help mitigate the cash flow issues we will inevitably face in April. If we are unable to operate in May due to continued closures we will revisit this issue and decide the best course of action at that time.

We will suspend all active promotions relating to swim-a-thon but leave the website open for donations. The swim-a-thon will be rescheduled.

We will hold off on making a decision about canceling or rescheduling the banquet until we are closer to the scheduled date, currently May 13th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Ray Paskey, VSC President