STS Open Water Zones Team & Update

Congratulations to the following athletes for being selected for the 2020 Open Water Zones Team in Chattanooga, TN May 29-31.  This year, in lieu of the Open Water Festival being cancelled, I have selected additional kids to participate in the 2020 Open Water Rat Race on Sunday.  These athletes will potentially be able to participate on zone relays as well and receive the same benefits as the Open Water Zones team.  Keep in mind that ages are based on Fina Age which means they will compete at the age they would be as of 12/31/2020. 

Due to the uncertainties of all current events, we will not ask for a copay at this time.  Once we determine if indeed the race will take place, I will send out a notification on copay procedures.  I will, however, need confirmation via email on whether you plan to participate or not by Sunday March 30, 2020.  Please email Coach Tracey at [email protected].

Thank you all for your patience during this time, and thank you all for continuing to support Open Water and thinking “outside the black line”.

Coach Tracey


2020 Open Water Zones Team

11/12 Girls

11/12 Boys

Caitlyn VanderMeer

Ben Liang


Justin Shi

13/14 Girls

13/14 Boys

Carli Cronk

Bucky Gettys

Adrianna Klaas

Matthew Linkous

Carly Mauldin

Mclane Mills

Grace Purtell


15/16 Girls

15/16 Boys

Maya Lofland

Matthew Stephenson

Emma Gettys

Harold Christiansen

Melania Howard

Tommy Erwin

Kaylee Wu

Kole Petersen

Open Girls

Open Boys

Trisha Filimoehala

Shreyush Shankar

Kylie VanderMeer

Conley Savage

Natalie Klaas

Jacob Brehm

Karina Kanary

Salem Nassar


2020 Chattanooga Rat Race (5K Sunday 5/31)



Surrena Luna

Brayden Mandacina

Hannah Seal

Michael Robertson

Aubrey Mclaughlin

Nathan McGrath

Zoe Purtell

Ian Stewart

Julia Carter

Jack Goldhammer

Gabby Mauldin

Gage Gordon

Megan Williams

Thomas Balderas

Abigail Sanders

Aiydan Schweizer


Ryan O’Leary


Griffin Orloff


Luka Herceg


Colin Stewart