PDST Interaction during suspension-----Workout with Leon on land

This is PDST's sixth article on land practice and swimming skills during the suspension period.

We will go directly to practical information and enrich everyone's land-based practice material library!


1. Warm-up


Stretch Walk(leg moving)

It's pretty much the same as the previous Stretch walk, but this time the knees are straight, the palms support the ground, and then walk forward and back.



Jump hard, open your hands and feet in the shape of "X".


Clap & Jump

Bend arms, palms down, back straight, left and right feet alternately raising legs and jumping, knees touching palms.


One-foot Jump

When one foot jumps, one arm stretches out straight up, be careful not to do it with the same hand and foot.


Stance Jacks

Separate your feet slightly, jump up slightly, and touch the floor with your hands alternately when squatting.



2. Leg&Hip exercises


Prisoner Squat

Bend your knees and squat down. Feel like you're sitting back, as if you're sitting in a chair. Keep your back straight.


Reverse Lunge

Straighten your back and lunge alternately. You can hold two dictionaries with both hands. Swimmers who don't like dictionaries can hold  pans or cats and dogs, or any other pets at home in place( Just kidding).


Dictionary Squat

Another form of Prisoner Squat requires an outstretched arm and a dictionary in hand.  Swimmers who don't like dictionaries can hold pans or cats and dogs at home in place ( Just kidding).


3. Shoulder Enhance

Dumbbell rowing

Back straight, feet and shoulders wide, hands holding dumbbells slowly rowing from the bottom up. Swimmer without dumbbells can hold a dictionary by hand.


Pike Push-Up

Unlike regular push ups, the buttocks are slightly tilted, concentrating all your strength on the shoulders.


4. Core work-out



A classic core activation exercise. Pay attention to the feet apart slightly wider than the shoulders, the body parallel to the ground


Tripod Bridge

Lie on your back with your hands and feet on the ground. Hips off the ground, and touch the opposite toes alternately with your hands.



5. Stretch



Keep the soles of your feet together, put your hands around your toes and bury your head down as deep as possible.


Recurve Bow

Bow your body against your bow, grab your feet with both hands, and tighten your back.


Ballet Leg

Lie down with your hands flat. Bend one foot backward and touch your fingers with your toes as much as possible. Keep your knees as low as possible.



Please swimmer can first grasp the main points of the action according to the video and schematic diagram, and be familiar with the names of each action. 

At the same time, please review the contents of the articles in the past few days. Leon will release a weekly training plan based on existing action material  soon.



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