Letter from Coach Jennie Lou

Hello Select Swimmers!


I am missing seeing all of you at practice.  We will get back to the pool as soon as possible.  Until that time, I will be sending out Strength & Conditioning Workouts for all levels.  Do not worry if you do not have mini dumbbells or weights at your house.  Everything will be able to be done with things you have at home. I was a swim and S&C coach for Alamo Area Aquatics Association in San Antonio for many years. So, lace up those running shoes, grab that water bottle and get prepared for the first set of workouts to arrive in your email on Sunday. : )


To make it fun, you can make a video or take pictures and post to the team Facebook site or the Circle C Aquatics FB page.  Challenge each other to see who can do the most days of S&C without missing.  Post a video or picture of each day. To qualify the workouts must be done on the day it states in the email.  You cannot do them all on one day and post the pictures, one picture or video a day. The swimmer who does the most in each swim group will get an awesome prize ($50 gift card) when we return to the water.  If there is at tie we will put the names in a hat and draw the first day we return to the water for the winner in that group. 


Get ready Sunday is coming!  The first official workout will be on Monday.

Any questions please email me or give me a call 210-632-4344.

Let be safe and take care!


Miss you,

Coach Jennie Lou