Coho Training Report Sunday 22 March 2020

LCSC Coho Training Report                Sunday 22 March 2020

Good afternoon, Coho swimmers interested in continuing preparations for a long-term successful swimming career,

Our swimmers and our team, like all swimmers and teams across the world, are feeling the absence of completing this spring’s goals.  Although we may not be able to replace this championship season, we are well on the way to being prepared for the next few!  Over the next few days, we continue to visualize the success we expected to achieve this weekend, and remind our team that preparation for future success is always the key: “you are who you pretend to be,” so pretend to be an elite-level swimmer! 

This morning, Day 4 of the 13 & Over State Meet was scheduled.  State Meet events and Coho qualifiers for this morning include: 50 fly (Hazel, Faith), 100 br (Allie), 200 back (Faith), 100 free (Kaari, Natalie, Faith, Patrick), 1650 free (Natalie, Kaari, Joe, Zane), and the 13-14 girls’ 400 medley relay swimming (Faith, Allie, Hazel, Kaari).  For moderately-experienced swimmers training six days per week throughout the season, coaches expect a good taper period to yield improvements of 1-2 seconds in the 100 races, 2-4 seconds in the 200 races, 4-8 seconds in the 400/500 races, and 10+ seconds in the 1000 and 1650; 50’s can be hit or miss, but will be a hit with an excellent start, turn, and finish.  (For elite-level swimmers, these large drops are not expected annually, and carving a tenth or three each year may be a satisfying achievement.)  Coaches encourage you to do the math and complete today’s scenario with your visions of success.  
At press time, all swimmers would be preparing for the final events of the morning, the 400 medley relay and the 1650 free.  On paper, the girls’ 400 medley relay posts another team record in a time of 4:12.69: Faith (1:01.79), Allie (1:11.28), Hazel (1:03.70), Kaari (55.92).  Congratulations, girls!!
The blend of skills, years of hard work, and teamwork in the 400 medley relay, and the disciplined skill and training of elite distance swimmers are demonstrated in these two videos from last summer’s World Championships:
Again, thank you for your long-term commitment to swimming excellence and congratulations to all of our team members for a fantastic Winter 2020.  Your daily training has allowed you to become a stronger, more focused person.  During this sustained period of time away from the pool, reminding yourself daily about your long-term goals, and acting upon those goals each and every day has beneficial impact.  To help you stay focused and productive, we present a daily report with suggestions to improve strength and technique.

Sunday Suggestions for continuing Coho training:
1. Review your goals for this month’s events.  Specific events, times, splits, race strategies, and technique reminders in as much detail as possible.  Today is Day 4 of 13 & O State Meet.  If you were planning on racing, it is very helpful to visualize your preparations, including nutrition, travel, general warm up, event warm up, each race, and each cool down.  Plan for success by finishing with a look at the scoreboard and seeing the time goal.
2. Keep a diary of your daily physical fitness, nutrition, hydration, and workout 2-3 times per day. Don’t overdo it, and don’t underdo it.  At a minimum, run through 30-60 minutes of calisthenics and then complete shoulder stretches.  Coaches will provide specific dry land work for each day of the week.  This will include med ball exercises, jumping rope, and running.  If you are able to get your hands on a med ball, awesome!  If not, then mimic the movements with a substitute weight.  If you are not familiar with our dry land training, research some strength training and get it going.  Here are today’s suggested routines:
Warmup, do calisthenics of choice, building up your pushups, pullups, and V ups, and then complete shoulder stretches
Stretching: legs, back, shoulders
3. Visualize success often.  If you are thinking about a college athletic adventure, watch video of the college league meets.  Big Tens, SEC, PAC 12, etcetera, there are many great races to watch and analyze.  Take notes on what you can improve in your races to reach those heights!
Thank you for your teamwork throughout the season.  
Stay safe and stay fit, focus on success.  
Resistance is a part of life, keep swimming upstream!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches