Aulea Weekly Update

 Aloha Aulea members,

I hope everyone is doing well and getting used to new routines.  Hopefully everyone got the email yesterday that practice at the pool is cancelled indefinitely.  These are surely trying times for all of us.  Our hope is to establish a sense of normalcy and routine by hosting weekly group "Zoom Meetings".  The first thing on is to join zoom.  Please go to this website to get a Zoom Account:

Here will be this week's zoom meeting for each group:

Bronze/Silver/Platinum/Junior/Senior/Senior Elite: 5:00-5:30 PM (please join at least 5 minutes early if possible if you want to make the whole session).

Gold: 5:30-6:00

Meetings will take place on Thursday,  03/26 this week.

Each coach will send out a link later in the week to their group so people have the meeting number, etc. Please stay posted for that.  The zoom sessions will include check-ins, dryland, and homework.  Each session is optional but we hope they're fun and a good way to keep the Aulea connections going during this challening time.

In addition to Zoom meetings, I will be sending out daily challenges each morning.  Some will be physical "dryland" challenges and others may be more artistic/fun.

Thanks to all of our swimmers and families for hanging in there and can't wait to see everyone (virtually now and hopefully in person in the not too distant future).

Happy Streamlines and Go Aulea!

Coach Joe