Payments, Dates and Parent Meeting 3/30th

Hello WAVES,

I hope everyone is doing well. 

I wish I had news of when we will return to practice.  Just like everything else in the World it is a wait and see.  I can sure tell you that I miss being at the pool, the other coaches and all of the swimmers.  I strongly suggest that everyone keep up with their meet routine and dry land.  Try to make if fun and maybe a family activitiy.

***With that said the Parent meeting regarding the summer season set for in person on March 30th, will NOW by a free phone conference call on the same day at 7:30pm.  instructions to call in will be sent out to the parents that have confirmed to attend the in person meeting....dont worry if you would like to attend I have extended the deadline to sign up until 3/28th.  On the morning of the 29th, for those who have signed up the details of how to get on the confrence calls will be emailed out.  

****Parents have contacted me about the fees they have paid for the month of March.  I will adjust the payment accordingly when I get the ok for the Waves to return to the pool.  Please hold off on the April fees until I send an email.  

Be safe and stay well,

Coach Teresa