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News from the Pool- Week of March 23

Our goal is to keep our swimmers engaged and active, physically and emotionally, during this time.  Their well-being is our number one priority!

News from the Pool- Week of March 23

  • Monday 3:00- Varsity/Senior meeting with Coaches Marisa and Matt
  • Tuesday 3:00- Prep meeting with Coaches Matt and Spencer
  • Wednesday 3:00- JV/JV+ meeting with Coaches Dave and Spencer
  • Thursday 3:00- Gold meeting with Coaches Dave and Spencer
  • Friday 3:00- Race Team meeting with Alyssa and Ramina



(Fly and Schedules)

TUES (Back and getting outside)

WED (Breast and organizing)

THURS (Free and Nutrition)

FRI (Turns, starts, goals, racing strategy)



Spell the Stroke Workout with Ramina

Barre with Marisa’s special guest 

Roll the dice Game with Alyssa 

Yoga with Marisa 

Spell the Stroke Workout with Ramina

Bootcamp with Marisa (1 hour) 


Pilates with Claire

Swimmer’s choice with Marisa 

Pilates with Claire

Interval training with Marisa

Pilates with Claire




Varsity and Senior meeting with Marisa / Matt

Prep meeting with Matt and Spencer

JV/JV+ meeting with Spencer and Dave

Gold meeting with Spencer and Dave

Race Team meeting

Ramina    & Alyssa




Team meeting: What’s our new schedule all about? with Marisa 

Swim Chat: Backstroke turns with Matt and Spencer 

Swim Chat: Open turns with Spencer and Dave 

Swim chat: Freestyle turns with Spencer and Dave 

Movie discussion: Remember the Titans (PG) with Ramina  




Movement flow (cardio) with Matt 

Spencer ’s Cardio Camp 

Movement flow (cardio) with Matt

Spencer ’s Cardio Camp 

Movement flow (cardio) with Matt 



Mobility with Matt 

Mobility with Matt 

Mobility with Matt 

Mobility with Matt 

Mobility with Matt 



TABATA for beginners


Pilates with Claire

Spencer ’s stretch sesh 

Pilates with Claire

Flip a Coin Workout with Ramina


A million thank yous for sticking with our team during this time.  We are here to serve our swimmers and are grateful we can continue to provide a healthy outlet for them during this uncertain time.  We want to be a constant in their lives!

ONLINE PROGRAMMING: I am very proud of how our coaches have stepped up their coaching game by learning how to manage a new digital platform to push out 13 workouts last week.  We are increasing that to 26 meet ups this week. We hope to continue with 5-6 zoom “meetings/workouts/etc” each weekday. This will allow us to continue connecting with the swimmers, keeping them active and allowing parents a break (so you can take a conference call of your own, start the next meal or just allow yourself some time “off” while the swimmers are at practice.)

To get into these meetings, please go to  https://zoom.us/j/7508796072 a few minutes before the class will start.

We are launching our schedule to include the coach who is leading the workout WITH the type of class that it will be.  We are also having weekly group meetings at 3pm where the swimmers and their coaches can connect, talk about goals for the group, how they are feeling about the new schedule, see each other and do some chalk talk.  Our 3:30 chat is for all swimmers in all groups and it will be either a swimming specific meeting OR a movie chat about the movie listed. Remember, we have a great resource available with a TON of great movies for kids of all ages.  If they watch one of the films (or one that’s not on the list), they could fill out the “swimspiration” form (to work on their typing and language art skills) and to be entered to win a movie gift certificate.  One winner will be chosen each week. The more you watch and write about, the more chances you have to win!

When talking to other coaches in the area and across the country, every team has a different way of managing their program while we are sheltering in place.  Some have completely shut down, offering nothing during this time. A few teams send a daily email with information to read, while others offer three video meetings a week.  But most have completely closed, requiring families to pay to hold their spot.

MARCH AND APRIL BILLING: Thank you for filling out the form with your intent to stay on the team.  As we move into our next stage (and next cycle of payroll), we have a few questions for our Gold, JV, JV+, Prep, Varsity and Senior swimmers.  Can you please fill out this form so we can plan accordingly? (Race Team can skip this form.)

INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: How long can you jumprope before you faulter?  Film it, tag us and include #BAYchallengeoftheweek on Instagram.  The time to beat so far is 1:01!

DRYLAND ON YOUR OWN: Need some ideas on different movement activities to do at home but are stuck? Take a look at different workouts we have listed on the link below. Workouts can work for all ages (parents too if you need to get some movement!). Complete individually or as a family. Dryland Workout

*weekly newsletters will come out on Sunday for you to plan your family schedule.